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    This is exactly the kind of plugin i have been searching for… but i cannot for the life of me get the plugin (The Image Wall ) to work.

    Here is a link to my site where i have placed the shortcode.

    My site:

    H shortcode I used:

    [image_wall image_sizes=’thumbnail, medium’ column_width=’305x’ batch_size=’50’ buffer_pixels=’2000′ support_author=’false’ move_to_end=’false’ column_proportion_restrictions=’2.0′ open_links_in_new_window=’true’ include_categories=” exclude_categories=’upcoming event, event news’ background_color=’black’ gutter_pixels=’8′ corner_radius=’8′]

    As you can see it displays a just a thin black line or box, the plugin has also created the large white gap at the bottom of my site.

    Any suggestions.

    Regards, Matt

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  • Ive also tried a column width of 1500px but that just gives a bigger black box. Ive tried deactivating all my other plugin for conflicts and still no joy

    Plugin Author Parakoos



    I need to know the following to help you sort this out:

    1. Under ‘Settings -> Media’, what are the image dimensions of your Thumbnail and Medium image sizes?
    2. What is your current shortcode? Copy and paste it please so it is an exact duplicate. (And keep it like that, or tell me if you change it. This is so I know what the shortcode is when I debug your site.)
    3. Give me a link to a post or a page that contains an image that you would expect to show up in the image wall, but isn’t, as well as the corresponding links to the thumbnail and medium sizes of that image.

    Thanks! We’ll have you up and running in no time!

    Media setting i have them all set to 0

    Thumbnail size Width 0 Height 0
    Medium size max Width 0 Max Height 0
    Large size Max Width 0 Max Height 0

    I just changed the shortcode to: [image_wall column_width=’1500px’ ]

    Link to post with post image:

    Link to thumbnail:×432.jpg

    thanks for the quick reply!

    Plugin Author Parakoos


    Well that explains it then. If you have set the images sizes to be image_sizes=’thumbnail, medium’, then it will bring back those images (with a width of 0 pixels). Then it will see if any of those images are wide enough to fit into your column width (1500 pixels). None of those images will be wide enough to fit your columns, so, no images will be displayed on the image wall.

    Sorry, but the plugin won’t use full-sized images because many users will have huge full-sized images, and allowing them on the image wall would in many cases mean the downloading of many huge files. So the image wall depends on intermediary file sizes, like ‘thumbnail’, ‘medium’, ‘large’ or defined custom file sizes. But since you’ve in effect disabled them by setting their widths to 0…. well, there isn’t much the plugin can do then.

    right I see.

    Ive just changed my media settings to 305 x 432px (the size i want them displayed) for all of the media settings, and still the Image Wall is the same.

    I tried using the shortcode: [image_wall image_sizes=’thumbnail, medium’ column_width=’1500px’ ]

    Plugin Author Parakoos


    I wish it was that simple. But, WordPress does not go back and retroactively re-generate your images to the new image dimensions. New images should start appearing on the Image Wall, but not the old ones.

    Fortunately, there is a plugin that can re-generate your images using the new dimensions. You can find it here:

    But! I have not made that plugin. I’ve used it, and it worked well for me, but use it at your own risk! Perhaps before you use the ‘bulk resize’ option, just use it on one image and make sure that it works.

    Let me know how it goes.

    OK i uploaded a new featured image, with all of the thumbnails settings set.

    It works but… the thumbnail on the image wall is not what i have set in the media settings, its extremely small something like 20px x 70px

    you can see here:

    So the plugin is showing the image unlike before, just really small, any suggestions??

    I really appreciate the help BTW this plugin is a real benefit to my future customers of my competitors!

    Plugin Author Parakoos


    Hmm, I think I found the issue. I’ve updated the Image Wall code to v2.6. Can you please update to the latest version and let me know when you’re done.

    Ok ive updated the plugin and now i get the message:

    Uh oh! I’ve detected a problem setting up the Image Wall!
    This is serious. I’ve been told to generate the image wall using a order method that I don’t recognize. What is ‘1’ anyway? Please contact me and let me know that you have a problem, and I will take a look at it!

    I’ve tried an array of shortcode including the standard [image_wall]

    Plugin Author Parakoos


    Oh crap! Seems like I introduced a bug in v2.5 where people doing an automatic upgrade through WordPress got that error message.

    I’ve fixed it in v2.7. So, let me know when you’ve installed that version!

    Thanks for being patient!

    YOU LEGEND!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for the quick response and support, the plugin is now working and looks absolutely amazing!


    One last question, is there anyway to have the plugin full screen or larger than the width of my site?

    Though you might like to see your awesome plugin in action.

    Can be seen here:

    Plugin Author Parakoos


    Excellent! Feel free to give the plugin a top rating and review here at the plugin directory if you are happy with it.

    As for the full-width, this is dependent on your wordpress theme. If it has a full-width page template, then you can use that.

    Another option is to move the image wall to the very end of your HTML page, below the footer. There it will naturally have the full width of the browser to display, but your footer will be above it so it might look a bit funny. To do this, add move_to_end=”true” to the short code.


    First off, thanks for the nice plugin. Finally got it working, but I want it to look like the beautiful one on your site. How do I get the image wall to display various image sizes like you’ve done? Changing the settings doesn’t seem to change anything. All images display as the same size, but they are not. I’ve tried using the shortcode that you have listed as the one you use, but it doesn’t work! HELP!!!!

    Here’s the shortcode I used:
    [image_wall image_sizes=’thumbnail, medium, large’ column_width=” batch_size=’50’ buffer_pixels=’2000′ support_author=’false’ move_to_end=’false’ column_proportion_restrictions=” open_links_in_new_window=’true’ include_categories=” exclude_categories=” include_tags=” exclude_tags=” include_pages=’true’ background_color=’black’ gutter_pixels=’8′ corner_radius=’8′]

    Thanks, in advance

    Plugin Author Parakoos


    I will need to know what image dimension and crop settings you have under /wp-admin/options-media.php .

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