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  • Hi everyone,

    I’ve been having some troubles with my site lately that I can’t figure out. On Webmaster Tools, I’m getting 302 errors on some of my pages that say “page redirected too many times”. I’ve also been getting errors when trying to fetch my pages when under health.

    Moreover, I’m having issues where FB likes are simply not showing up, even though people are liking my page on FB. For instance, this page seems especially bad. It’s been getting 302 errors, and the page likes simply aren’t showing up:

    A friend of mine tried to render the html here on a reader, and the page didn’t show up.

    So, something has gone seriously wrong with my WordPress architecture. Google seems to be having a lot of problems, and is sending less people to my page. Plus, even my likes aren’t showing up.

    Would someone please have a look at my page and give me some sense of what is going on. Do I need to reinstall WordPress? Start over again by reposting everything? I’m honestly not sure what to do.

    My site is:

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  • Turn off permalinks and tell us if it still happens with permalinks disabled.

    wp-admin -> settings -> permalinks

    Thank you. How do I turn them off? I went there and found a number of options, but none to turn it off.

    Settings->Permalinks. Select the default preset and then the Update button.

    Thank you, but won’t that change the urls for all of my posts? Then I’d lose all my likes and backlinks, wouldn’t I?

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