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  • I have 5 blogs in a network installation using multisite. Looking at the activity on the blogs over the past year I’ve decided to merge them. Turns out that one of my subdomains has better page authority that my main domain SO I decided to merge the other 4 blogs into that subdomain. Merging to went off without a hitch. It took a couple of plugins and access to my DNS manager to create a page rule, but finally any link from or now points to it’s equivalent on

    The plan is to merge the other three blogs – food, garden & reviews into ‘blog’. Here is the problem I’m having – no matter what plugin, htaccess redirect, DNS redirect via my name host, or other change I attempt to make I cannot get the other subdomains to redirect to ‘blog’. The subdomains do not exist outside my webhost ‘Domain Pointers’ and I’m wondering if this is the problem – the subdomains are virtual. I’ve considered merging the blogs into, but I’d lose out in SEO much more significantly. Is there any way I can do this without having to start from scratch? There is a possibility I’ll move hosts in a few months, but I’d like to have this process done now so that at least I know all the content is together and working. The idea is to migrate away from the multisite install when and if I move the site using as the main domain of my blog since it is more popular and all the other – www, food, garden, and reviews – subdomains point at it.

    Check out and – both redirect to I can’t seem to get the rest to do the same. Also, look at any post in Category – Earthformed, take out the “blog” at the beginning of the link and hit enter. It should lead right back to the same page you were on and not to

    Used Simple 301 Redirects to get the main url to redirect, Page Rule in CloudFlare to get to redirect and Speedy Page Redirects to get all the posts to redirect. I can get individual posts from the sister blogs to redirect but for some reason I can’t get the subdomains themselves to redirect. Check this link –

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  • Well, this isn’t the best overall solution BUT I did find something that works. Since Speedy Page Redirects allows you to set a redirect for individual pages and posts I had a lightbulb moment. Instead of having my blogs point to the main posts page I would have it point to a specific page! When I did this I was able to use the Speedy Page Redirect at the bottom to point the new page to!

    If anyone comes up with a better, cleaner solution I’d be happy to hear it.

    Check out and – both redirect to I can’t seem to get the rest to do the same.

    How are you trying to redirect them?

    I mean, are we redirecting to

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