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    I’m not sure if the issues are with the WP version upgrade or something else. This plugin has tons of potential to be exactly what I was looking for but so far I am having multiple issues.

    The first one is just a personal issue with the set up. There seems to be a lot of redundancy that doesn’t quite make sense to me. That is easily over come however. The bigger issues are the areas that just aren’t functioning correctly for me.

    I set up only a few items under each ‘area’ so I could test it before investing too much time into building the menu. I created a menu. I created several ‘titles’ under the menu generator which created the first issue.

    It wouldn’t let me sort the ‘titles’ even though the cross-hairs appeared to sort them. Now, I CAN overcome this by entering them in order, however I can see how I might want to reorder them later. I wouldn’t want to start all over from scratch just because I decided to reorder everything.

    Next I inputted several dishes. At first it didn’t make sense to me how to get these associated with the proper menu but I figured that out. I was able to drag and drop them to the appropriate ‘title’ and re-sort them without issue. So I went back to the dishes area and entered more.

    Suddenly the first three were no longer appearing and no matter how I sorted the new ones they would not save in that order. They would return to the wrong order when I published the menu.

    Also, new items would not show up to be added to ‘titles’. I also could not DELETE the dishes from the titles or the menu!

    I’m not sure why this is happening and was hoping to get some assistance in figuring it out as I have tested several menu plugins and this was the first one that I liked.



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