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  • Ok, I use WordPress as part of my work. Basically, I write articles for a news blog. I am not the administrator of the blog, so I don’t have any access to the downloads, plugins, database files, etc. (though I am quite familiar with them, as I also have a personal wp blog).

    Anyway, on to the problems.
    My boss expects us to post a certain number of articles per day. The problem is, I haven’t been able to post any since we’ve upgraded to 2.9.1.

    When I click on “add new”, one of 2 things will happen on post-new.php:
    1. the page will load, but the title box and text editing box will appear blurred and as such, un-editable.

    2. everything will load on the page except for the text editing box. I can see the visual/html tabs, the options for making text bold, adding an image, changing alignment, etc. but there is no large, white area/box for typing the text into.

    Another issue is that those who have been able to use the text box are unable to add any images to it. The upload does not pop-up and the html option does not work.

    We are also unable to add tags by any means, and we cannot schedule posts or even change the date/time for when they are to be scheduled.

    I have tried this on firefox 3.6 (and previous versions), as well as internet explorer 8 (and previous versions). I’ve updated my java and flash, refreshed my browsers dozens of times, and have cleared the cache numerous times. Nothing seems to get it to work.

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  • Is not a wordpress problem!
    I found this things with my old hosting company!
    its about how wordpress load things from database, you have something installed, or a plugin or another script, and that load to much memory and the standard edit post files that are loaded to dont have memory to load everything!

    Try to check the scripts from function.php or incrase the memory for wordpress from php.ini file (that is not a wordpress file)

    im having similar problems

    i cant toggle between HTML or visual (is stuck on visual) and i am unable to post images, edit permalink urls etc etc

    i have two websites via wordpress hosted on the same server.. ive kept one site with version 2.8 (works fine), other site is upgraded to 2.9.1 (= problems)

    so this is clearly a wordpress problem, because the old version is fine with the same hosting company

    FIXED.. just emptied my browser cache and everything is working now.. ?!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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