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  • Hi folks,

    First, my site is at

    Now, my problems:

    I’ve been having all kinds of trouble getting Adsense working on my site. I’m using the Mystique theme, which is supposed to let me add advertising to the sidebar and footer.

    I tried adding the Adsense code to the sidebar and footer, either using the ad setting on the Mystique theme or adding it directly to a text widget. In both cases, I just get a blank space where the ad should be.

    I have a Chitika ad running in the sidebar and it seems to display fine, but since they don’t seem to be keyword coded to my content, the ads are not likely to generate any click throughs for me.

    I also tried the All in One Adsense plugin. That does seem to display Adsense ads for me, however it can’t do so in my widgets so I can’t add the ads to my sidebar. Also, for some reason I don’t fathom, it shows ads on my posts, but not on my home page or category pages.

    I’d even have lived with that limitation and instead just put my three ads on the posts and then used the sidebar for Amazon, eBay and Chitika ads (I’m still waiting for approval from Amazon and eBay, but hopefully will get it, unless they have traffic requirements).

    The problem is that the plugin seems to insist on offering just one location for ads or random locations. That means effectively, I either end up with a mishmash which randomly looks awful using the random locations (if I put all three ads up) or I have to put three ads in one location, which also looks terrible.

    I also tried the WhyDoWork Adsense plugin, but that gave me the same results as using the Mystique theme’s built in features. My guess is that it’s something to do with how the code is generated at Adsense, but I have no idea which settings I’m supposed to choose if I want to make this work.

    Finally, I added Adsense for search and put in a custom search for the site. While it does do the custom search, I see no ads there at all.

    Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    P.S. I know the argument for and against monetizing right away, but I wanted to set up the site in a way that makes the site look good before I start publicizing the site — this way I don’t have to worry about screw ups once the site is (hopefully) seeing some decent traffic, which would create more problems for me.

    P.P.S. I also know that many people say “no one” makes money from Adsense, but I figured it’s worth getting started with them and if I see other options for monetizing make more money for me, I can always switch later.

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