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  • I just updated WordPress to the new 3.2 version, and I signed into my Dashboard and found that my left sidebar (with all of my administrational links like Plugins, Comments, Themes, etc.) is gone. I am not sure how to get it back. I can’t find certain things that I need on WordPress now. I know it is still supposed to be there because I see it in the new 3.2 pictures.

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    Try logging out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again. I’ve found that fixes many dashboard related issues.

    i ame having the same prob and i have tryed to restart my browser and delete al my history and coockes.
    Did not help.
    What to do?

    My problem is I can’t see the dashboard at all…

    As I can see in 404techsupport, the problem seems to be in a plugin (WP-Insert), but I haven’t this plugin.

    i dont know if i have that plugin. is it pasible to turn it off if i do?

    theeere.. i finaley fount the plugin place.. when i deaktivated WP-Insert the Dashboard on the left side came back.

    I just turned off that blasted WP-INSERT plugin and my dashboard is back to normal. Thanks to whoever figured this out. Blogabundo, I hope you can figure out how to fix your problem.

    I too am experiencing similar problems.

    I’m running a WP MU installation.

    The main Admin Dashboard shows the left sidebar menus, but none of the individual site Admins show those menus.

    I don’t have the WP-Insert plug in.

    I’ve tried clearing my browser cache & cookies.

    Ideas anyone?

    Ive got the same problem i dont have any plugin under the name of wp-insert, what should I do

    I also don’t have the WP Insert plugin and mine did the same. This sucks. Anyone with a solution?

    Go to www. your blog address (plugins management page) then disable plugins which interfere with layouts of the wordpress. That’s all…..

    turn them al off. when you get the right plugin off (you wil se right away) then just turn al other on while having the one that you dont want off.

    good luck.

    I renamed plugin directory and three PHP files from W3Total Cache and finally can see the dashboard, but I have no plugins.

    After that, I set back the name to the plugins directory, and I have all my plugins inactive, but the dashboard works…

    I think someone should check why this… mess.

    I agree, this was definitely no upgrade but rather a downgrade. The thing is, some of the plugins I and others use, cost a lot of money and have been working fine. Now you have to de-activate them, lose the functionality and money so that WordPress can work properly. Pathetic!

    What is pathetic is that some plugin developers – especially those selling premium version plugins – cannot be bothered to test their plugins and have updates ready. WordPress 3.2 has been in beta and available for testing for months now and most decent developers will have already tested (and, if necessary, patched) their plugins or themes.

    If you have a complaint (and I agree that you do) aim it at the people who sold you these plugins. Not at WordPress.

    wp-insert did have an uppdate even.
    but it did stil f**k upp my Dashboard.

    [Please do not swear.]

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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