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  • Hello to anyone who might be able to help!
    I would like to have a list of things and have individual, independent ratings for each thing in the list. I don’t want multiple ratings for one item, and I don’t want ratings on anything else in the site – just where I deem necessary in the content (per shortcode). I have been researching and poking and prodding and can not seem to find this in any plugin….GD star rating seems to have the most options. I *did* find that if I created a multi set with 1 rating, I could put several of them on a page and they rate independently — HOWEVER, I have MANY things in my list and would need to create at least 50 sets – and that’s an admin nightmare.
    Is it possible to have multiple, independent single star ratings in one page? In this plugin or any other?…

    thing 1
    -rate thing 1
    thing 2
    -rate thing 2
    thing 3
    -rate thing 3

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