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    I am using Shoppica theme (which I currently have on another site with the previous version of WP & have no problems) I wanted to do my US version of my site but I have been having issues with the products and their behavior in the back end.

    1) I am lucky if I can add the featured image. Basically when I click the link to add a featured image the box shows up but then 80% of the time it is blank. I have been trying to switch between upload and image files to get it to work- but it is seriously annoying.

    2) If I am lucky enough to be successful in adding a featured image the product page then may just load as a white page once I click update. And the only way I can edit the page after that is by viewing the page on the front end and clicking edit.

    3) I know that previously if I wanted multiple images in the ‘gallery’ that I could upload images and set the featured one and it would display them – but I can’t do this as the image uploader shows a http error when I try to do it via the product page.
    – it doesn’t give me a code or anything.

    4) I did try to import my other site that I had exported via WP to help speed things up with setting up this site- but it seems to have picked what it will and won’t upload. (I am not sure if this is part of my problem…?)


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  • Probably need to figure out which part of your installation has the configuration problem before identifying a solution.

    If you switch to the default theme (2013?) with wp-ecommerce plugin disabled and add a featured image to a regular post does it behave differently? Add a featured image to a normal post with wp-ecommerce enabled, what happens?

    Hi Jeff,

    To narrow it down for you- it only misbehaves on the product page – ALL other pages that I can set a featured image in or even add an image to a page all work just fine and dandy. I have not had the problems described above on any other pages or post pages etc.

    The only pages that I am having operating issues with are the Product pages that are created when WPEC is activated.


    I have now updated my Australian site that is running WP 3.7 to the latest WPEC – I now can’t edit my products (that have more than 1 image associated with it) as all I get is a white screen (AGAIN).

    Again if I try to create a new product and set the ‘featured image’ my media library doesn’t load- just like on the first site that I said I have this issue with.

    Can I get some assistance on this please??!!!! How can I be left hanging on this serious issue to operational functionality for 5 days 🙁


    BTW I updated WPEC because of the anonymous user issue.

    Plugin Author Mihai


    enable debug in wp-config.php and see what errors show up on the white page.
    From what version did you update from ?

    I updated from the newest version before 3.8.13 came out.

    I have a debug bar- problem is that I get a totally white page – it doesn’t even show the WP admin bar that the top of the page.

    Plugin Author Mihai


    go in your FTP where you installed WordPress (where the wp-admin/wp-content) folder are and find the wp-config.php file. Inside it towards the bottom there is a DEFINE WP_DEBUG line. Change the false to true and that should show you all the errors

    I would do that except that it then shows the errors on the actual live site. No thanks.

    I have emailed you so you can fix these issues on both my sites + the user issue.

    Plugin Author Mihai



Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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