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  • Hi I’m new to this whole thing I had 4 questions pretty much related to the same thing.

    I’m setting up a blog of sorts on my website that will allow me (as Admin) and a few other writers add posts. First question is probably really easy:

    #1 – What’s the difference between an “editor”, “author” or “contributor”? I assume they have different priviledges, but I was having trouble finding out what they were.

    #2 – is it possibly to make it so that my additional writers have the capacity to publish new posts, but first I, as the Admin, need to approve it? That would prevent a mutiny on my website and such… you know?

    #3 – Currently I pretty much have the default settings to the classic template. The new posts show up as “Filed under: “category” — “user” @ 6:07 pm “. How would I go about customizing that. Heres the main thing I want to do… I want it to say “posted by: (user’s name)”, but I also want it to show a little icon (small .jpg or .gif) for each person who posts. That way my readers will quickly go “Oh… this has been posted by the dude with the googely eyeballs”. I’ve seen a few really popular blogs that have multiple contributors and ive seen a lot of people sometimes confuse who actually posted what bulletin because they neglect to notice the tiny user name.

    #4 – Sort of unrelated, but is it possible to create a category and have it NOT display on your main page? Example, I might have a side blog of sorts about eskimos and I don’t want it displaying on the “main” page. They can have their own little eskimo page all by their lonesome….

    OK THANKS A BUNCH!! I really appreciate any help I can get on the above 4 questions. Sorry if I sound like a total newbie right now… Some of my questions don’t seem to be answered too clearly on the help pages.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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