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  • I already purchased the OIO Publisher and now just having trouble with this step…

    1.) Login to your WordPress admin area and navigate to OIOpublisher -> Settings -> Themes

    2.) Click on the “main.tpl” link in the Theme Editing section of the page and delete all the content from the textbox on the right hand side.

    3.) In a separate browser tab / window, navigate to the WordPress theme editor (which will be called something such as Appearence -> Editor in the WordPress admin menu).

    4.) From the WordPress theme editor, select either the “page” or “index” template from the list on the right. Copy and paste the contents of that template (which will appear in a textbox on the left hand side) into the “main.tpl” textbox you opened in step #2, then save your changes.

    5.) Now download the attachment below (called content.txt) and open the file. Copy and paste all the code from that file into the “main.tpl” textbox from step #2. The place to paste it is just above the line of code which contains have_posts().

    I am stuck on #4 and #5… which template would I choose on that long list??? I can’t seem to find – have_posts()…. plus there are a few different “page” templates…

    Any help would be great! 🙂 Thanks so much!

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