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  • Hello I am new to WP and could use some help. This is my first time I have created a website from a WP theme. Previously I have just worked on ones that were already created.

    My CSS shows no errors. For some reason I am getting errors, when I run the website throw a markup validator. It is showing I have some MISSING open or closed tags. Every line that it gives me this error has an open or closed tag when you view the source code.

    My first UL list was not double spaced, today when I went on to do some work it is now double spaced.

    Also there is a “A” next to the video image (unless you are looking in IE, I haven’t figured out why my 2nd column is going to the bottom in IE) which belongs to the first paragraph after the UL list in column 1. I am not sure why it is appearing where it is. There are no breaks or anything in the paragraph.

    Also my footer is not displaying.

    Any suggestions what might be causing these issues?


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  • Your code is a mess. Plenty of unused tags and other things. Before using W3 validator you need to clean that up and eliminbate the missing (404) pages. Waste of time on the small stuff.
    Are you editing your theme or pages in an html editor instead of a text editor?

    I am editing the page in WP. You say I have a lot of unused tags, are you referring to the <div class = “”> tags? When I eliminate them, it throws the content out of whack.

    If I remove </div> below the UL list, then my text moves to the right of the UL list.

    Believe me I have tried this many times. I ran my web site through a markup validator, the only errors I get are where it says it is missing an open or closed tag. They all have open and closed tags. I checked the line it says the error is on and it is fine.

    I first created the pages in Notepad.

    You say eliminate the missing 404 page. Its not missing it is on the FTP file. Its there I just viewed it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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