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    The most common Zotpress issues relate to importing/syncing your Zotero library. Thankfully, most issues can be resolved (or at least determined) quickly. If you’re unable to import/sync with Zotpress, try to troubleshoot these common problems:

    1. A HTTP request method supported by WordPress hasn’t been enabled on your server, e.g. cURL, fopen with Streams (PHP 5), or fsockopen.

    You can find this information a number of ways: asking your server admin; checking cpanel; or, if you’re more tech-savvy, creating a phpinfo() file.

    2. A HTTP request method has been enabled, but it’s restricted in some way.

    Some extra-secure servers don’t allow connection to sites that aren’t your own, or place timeout restrictions, etc. You’ll have to check with your server admin to see if this is the case and whether or not these restrictions can be lifted so that Zotpress can communicate with Zotero.

    3. Your Zotero account information is incorrect.

    Make sure that your Zotero account number and API key are correct. If you find that your library is empty when it shouldn’t be, you may be trying to import/sync the wrong library.

    4. If only the items aren’t importing, the citation style name is probably incorrect.

    This usually results in a “Start tag expected, ‘<‘ not found” error/warning message. Zotero has changed some of the style file names, e.g. “mla” is now “modern-language-association”. You will need to add the new name to the list on the Options page and go back and update any Zotpress shortcodes that explicitly use the old style name. When adding new styles, be sure to use the file name in the URL, not the name of the style itself, e.g. for …

    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking

    … the correct name is “ieee-acm-transactions-on-networking”.

    Still having trouble? Feel free to contact me:

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  • Hey Katie,
    I can’t find the help/how-to page anywhere.
    I checked wp-content/plugins/zotpress , this plugins page, then your website but no avail..

    Thanks !

    Plugin Author Katie


    A link to the Help page should be in the menu at the top of every Zotpress page in the WP admin.

    My bad, just got it. About to let you know, thanks. Btw, you’re very responsive !
    Zotpress looks fascinating, thank you !

    So, inserting the intext citations is by searching in the ‘browse’ page with ctrl+f, and copying & pasting it, right. That’s fine with me.

    And a feature suggestion/request, can we have the citations in the widget per post/page (instead of a static widget)?

    Thanks again !

    Plugin Author Katie


    I’d like to keep this thread on the topic of importing issues, so feel free to contact me directly or post a new thread on these topics. Thanks!

    Hi Katie, I have been syncing Zotpress successfully for awhile (in fact I did just a week ago or so), but today I’m having trouble. When I clicked the sync icon in Zotpress, it worked for a few minutes and then gave me the error “Sorry, but there was a problem syncing items: connect() timed out!”

    I thought I would check my password, but I can’t see how to change my password, only how to add a new account.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas you have.

    Plugin Author Katie


    Please contact me so I can take a look:

    Hi Katie, It appears I’m able to import my library fine, but when I insert a simple shortcode like [zotpress userid=”1348997″], I get the error: “Sorry, there’s no items to display.”

    When I use the “browse” tab under the zotpress plugin settings it appears my library wasn’t imported, but when I reset zotpress and reimport, I get a “success” confirmation.

    Any suggestions? Thank you.

    Plugin Author Katie


    5. If you’re unable to load the import iframes, you may need to set X-Frame-Options to SAMEORIGIN.

    In nginx.conf, change the following:

    add_header X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN;



    Hi Katie. Since updating to version 5.4 of Zotpress, in my website ( running WordPress 4.1, I cannot perform a full import: the process stalls always when it reaches the 950-1000 mark and displays an error similar to a timeout. Selective import works, but not the full import.

    By installing an older version of the plugin (5.2.10 or 5.3.3) I can sync again the whole citation library (about 24000 items) without any problems.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Plugin Author Katie


    Curious — please contact me with your library API User ID and key so I can test on my end.

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