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    I am trying to adjust the default height of one of the custom textarea fields I have defined in a custom content type. I tried editing the “Extra” field:

    rows=”2″ cols=”20″ style=”width: 600px height:60px” height=”60px”

    But that doesn’t seem to override the values used when drawing the box.

    Can you suggest the most succinct place to add the value for the height that will not get overwritten by plugin upgrades?

    Thanks Martin

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  • The “extra” would normally do it, but it looks like you’ve got conflicting style declarations there. For textareas, the rows/cols attributes should be enough, e.g.:

    cols="20" rows="2"

    For the WYSIWYG, you’re up against some hard-coded WP nonsense, unfortunately. The way WP draws the WYSIWYG fields is via a function that was not necessarily designed with modularity in mind, so results may vary.

    The definitions created by post-new.php for textarea height seem to override any custom height definition regardless of using rows or height.

    If I edit the source in firebug to remove the definition of height it works. Not sure how I can override that definition without having it trashed by an upgrade.


    I can’t reproduce this, but if it is a bug, the correct place to file it is in the bug tracker, but currently I would close it as “Unable to reproduce” — you’d need to include the full info in the report. I’m not sure what you’re referring to by “definitions created by post-new.php”… do you mean CSS defs? Check for any manager CSS you might be applying to the manager (ie. does your theme add CSS declarations? Are you using some plugin that overrides these?). You can customize the manager HTML and come up with ANY html you want for ANY field (which could potentially override ANYTHING entered in the GUI). Please refer to

    I moved to a bug report.
    I attached screen capture from Firebug probe.

    Update to the current version of the plugin. I cannot reproduce this error.

    So I updated the version of CCTM and that didn’t fix anything as far as resizing the textarea and that is a small issue so I will dig into resolving that myself. But the udpate broke a list of custom post types filtered by their category. In going from CCTM to do I need to do anything to update the database? I just manually swapped in the newer version. I do want to be able to update this plugin without breaking the listing by category function.

    Sorry to bother you again,

    Re the resizing: I cannot reproduce it, so I really can’t say much more — you can see in the video I posted in the bug tracker that I was able to edit the dimensions without a problem. If you’re not able to do that, then see if another plugin or theme is hijacking your CSS or try customizing your HTML by adding your own .tpl files as described in the wiki. For testing I usually deactivate all plugins and if the problem persists, I sometimes switch to a different theme (even the built-in WP themes can cause problems).

    If you did a manual update and you’re running into problems, I’d try uninstalling the plugin and downloading a fresh copy. Just back up your definitions first under the CCTM’s Tools menu, and also be sure to clear your cache (current versions of the CCTM will cache the tpl files used to draw the custom fields in the manager).

    No database updates required: the CCTM does not ever make any database modifications. Not sure what you mean by the “listing by category function”, so I can’t offer any guidance on that, sorry.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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