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    At first i was extremely happy with this delitghful plugin until i realsied at times my captures just disapeared from the list, you will be looking live and testing and it is there then next second it is gone.

    How do i know this for certain after troubleshooting numerous times, i could even see the number of entries increase and the entries would just disapear into thin air.

    Can someone please help

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  • Plugin Contributor Nauriskolats


    Hi Adam, first of all posting a one star review just to get our attention seems a bit too much since you can see that our support forum is quite active and we are responding to all issues in a matter of hours 😉 You could just have opened a new thread there.

    Our product is out for a couple of years and so far the orders have never noticed any abandoned cart being deleted without a reason. The abandoned cart should be removed from the list just in one case: A customer adds an item to the cart and later removes it from the cart. If the cart has no contents, the abandoned cart is also removed.

    It would be helpful if you could create a screencast how it looks like. Also if you would like us to look into this issue, you could share the steps you are taking, what actions you are making and your System report data that you can get from CartBounty > Help > Copy system report.
    And one additional thing – in the moment the cart dissapears, you could open up your database and look into “cartbounty” table. Take a look at the latest entry – a screenshot of the entry would be good as well as to know what is with the data there. It might be that your cart contents at some point are being cleared and therefore you are no longer seeing the abandoned cart in the list.

    It might be related with some plugin you are using or a theme issue. Hard to tell without additional knowledge.


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