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  • Hi, I must have (at some point in the installation a while back), hard coded in my IP address somewhere… But using the admin pages after logging in… Word press loads and displays the existing content and comments, but it is impossible to interact with it now as my IP has changed (it is dynamic and I use ‘s dynamic update client to route it to my alias… As I said it did all work and I thought it still was until I tried to log in or post or comment… I keep getting a time out error, and then noticed that the time out error was occuring as those links (comment, post, register, or login) are being directed to the worng uri… So I think I just have to find out where the WordPress stores that info so I can go back and fix what I must have broken a while ago… Hope this makes sense…

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    It’s stored in the options table, search for “home” and “siteurl” rows.

    I was able to find in the options table the option_name “siteurl” and change the option_value to the proper url. I could not seem to locate a “home” row however, nor can I find the old url address value anywhere else in that table. Now when I mouse over the login and register links, the comments rss links, I can see in the proper url in the address bar, but when I mouse over the categories and archives links or any comment links the old url is still showing up…
    Is the “home” value in another table??
    Thanks for the help.

    Ok, I updated the fileupload_url and the fileupload_realpath as well and was able to login to the options page to change the error of my ways :). Not sure if that is what allowed me to login or if the original url change just took some time to work its way through the system…
    Anyway, I noticed that the recomended realpath in the destinations field of the miscellaneous options page read something like this “\news\blog/wp-content” can some one let me know why the forward slacs comes after the blog when all others in the realpath are backslashes??

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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