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  • I just recently installed WordPress and the Classifieds plug in.
    However, the plug-in is not really what I expected.

    I’ve seen other posts here, but not able to reply.
    I too am looking for a sort of “Craigslisty” type of system, for the classifieds thingy I want to add.

    I found one, and a user said they’re working on something similar to come to that end. If I knew WordPress well enough, I too would like to come up with something especially to help out others.

    But for now, I’ll take any classifieds thing that lists items from different people on a single page – like a clickable title per line.

    Then, how about some onsite space, instead of having to use an email altogether, like a simplemachines forum type thing. Yes, this will fill resources fast, if left unregulated, but I’m thinking no spam or spambots.

    Can someone please clue me in?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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