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  • We have a WordPress Site running on the Thesis 2.1 Framework. We are having a hard time getting conversions and comments on our site so we are not sure where we are going wrong. Is it that our site looks ammaturish? Is it our content? At this point, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Our site is religious, and we ask that this part be over looked for the feedback purposes. Thank you in advanced!

    Our site is: M.A.D.D. Leadership

    Making A Daily Difference through Leadership

    Wil Ratcliffe

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  • I’ve heard great things about the commentluv plugin. When I open my site, [link removed] to comments, that is the plugin I plan to use.Check out their link : http://

    I did only skim one of your posts, so I might be wrong, but a problem might be that instead of asking questions, your blog tell what you experience, know or feel.

    There is nothing wrong with that, but if you want to use the blog as a platform for discussion you might consider changing approach.

    If you build your blogposts more like a question than a piece of information, you should also get more comments.

    “Are leaders called, not assigned?” (just an example)

    And end with questions like “what do you think?”, “what have you experienced?” etc.


    Thanks for the suggestion! I looked at your recommended plugin but I am not sure it is quite meant for my audience. Most of my audience do not have an associated WordPress or Blog of their own, and it would seem as it would require them to register, which would be a deciding factor for most of the general audience.


    Thanks for the suggestion, do you think it would be wise to go back and revise those blogs so that the questions are included?

    Personally, I would just start implementing it more from now on and forward, but you might consider on some posts.

    Discussions are most active when the posts are fresh.

    Still, remember that most people do not comment on blogs. Even the most popular ones only get a handfull of comments.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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