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  • I love the idea, not so much the template.
    I want to put the mini post area (like p2) on this template:
    It would be the best of both worlds, the theme I need and be able to post from the homepage, like if it were FaceBook.
    Not to mention I am using a FaceBook theme on another site and a p2 homepage posting plugin would be PERFECT for that theme also.

    Is there anyway to take what you’ve done with p2 and move that to other themes?

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  • +1 for this.

    it is something I would like, at the moment I have to use multi-site to use the P2 theme as a supporters page, then the login becomes messy.

    If anyone else knows of a plugin close to P2?



    I had another sidebar added to the P2 theme, but it’s not the theme I want. I’d love to have a post box I could use for my “qwilm-03” theme’d sites. Qwilm-03 works for me, just need a P2 plugin.

    Agreed plugin to use in existing site would be cool

    Maybe you should to try out the Posthaste Plugin. I works with all WordPress Theme an there existing some Postings in the WordPress Forum for that.



    @nastorseriessix, that would be a great plugin if there were a way to add images. Look at this screenshot from my blog {click on the image it will enlarge.} {I’m using the p2 theme edited}
    See on the right where it reads Upload/Insert? That allows me to upload images – that’s the best part.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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