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  • Here´s the answer and the solution (you might not like it) switch off any cache plugins. This is what is causing the problems. So deactivate and also switch off the setting in WP Statistics saying that your are using a cache plugin.

    Also, update the permalink settings, just save them again.

    I have had a longer discussion with the developers and they are aware of the problem, there is a betaversion being tested but as things are right now WP Statistics will not work reliably with any cache plugin.

    /Regards Mikael

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  • @norhwiz
    I tried this. This doesn’t work. No counts of visits or anything else within hours. During this time, other stats in wordpress and external ones went up.

    Well, I am not affiliated with the developers or the plugin. I am just a user, like you and i I did this:

    . Deactivate any cache plugin
    . Switch off the settings in WP Statistics (use cache plugin)
    . Update the permalinks, just press Save again
    . If you want the location working switch off anonymizing in Wp Statistics

    I got hits and visitors, the Statistics, working again.


    Unfortunately, cache is a must for sites with a lot of traffic. All those with no traffic, yeah….they can do without cache 😉

    But if you have no traffic, then what is the purpose of having a statistics plugin that counts traffic anyway?

    And some webhosts like mine have actually installed cache plugin for me (without my permission or knowledge). This goes to show how important they think it is. I could deactivate cache, but I think that is not a good solution and my webhost will not like it.

    Why should we be forced to get rid of cache just to install this WP Statistics plugin?

    Another statistics plugin works well with most cache plugins, I will not mention the name of the plugin but a simple search will show it.

    To not have cache support is a big black mark on this WP Statistics.

    Well you better get another statistics plugin then. I am not here to argue and not in any way defend WP Statistics. I found a solution and as said, you might like it, but still it does get WP Statistics working and counting hits and visitors. I fully understand that some might need a cache plugin and the only way to solve this then is to get rid of WP Statistics.

    And I fully agree, WP Statistics is not as good as it once was, after this update.

    Plugin Author Mostafa Soufi


    Thanks all for your feedback, we collected all issues and that fixed in the beta version.

    The new version will be released soon.


    I know you are a user, not a developer. I wasn’t questioning it. Just telling, that it doesn’t work for me. Even though I shouldn’t have tried without cache, I did. I followed your points precisely and nothing happens.

    Ok, sorry to hear that. I got the plugin working on several sites this way.

    Meh, I’ll just rollback to previous version. It is very strange the plugin worked great before update. I’m using wp super cache btw.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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