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  • Hi there,
    My wife’s website has disappeared and the domain address dose not expire until December 2012.

    I have no access to the wordpress control panel either –

    If wordpress have taken it down for some reason how would I know and how should I go about finding out how to get it back up?

    Some religious type has recently threatened to report the site over some content, a feature that they took exception to.

    I would hope that this sort of complaint has had no negative affect to our account.

    Deirdre Morrissey, the author of all the content on the site owns full rights to all the text. She is a professional journalist who often spends years researching her features! The feature has already appeared in the print media. Is it possible our site was removed as a form of censorship?

    Please Advise?

    Many Thanks


    Say no to censorship!

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  • no one is censoring you

    looks like the _options table has crashed in the database
    log in to phpmyadmin and run a repair on that table

    The site shows a Database Error message for me.

    That’s not censorship… that’s software failure. Fix your database.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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