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Have users registered to multiple sites from main blog

  • Stacy (non coder)


    I’m using Bp +Mu. Everything is private, but this means that when a registered user to the main blog visits another in the directory , they have to register all over again , plus I’d have to activate and confirm for each blog. Which plugin allows me to auto add members to certain blogs?

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  • but this means that when a registered user to the main blog visits another in the directory , they have to register all over again

    Why? this is not how it works by default – users are all added to the main site.

    It really is probably whatever you’re using for privacy.

    try this for adding users:


    Stacy (non coder)


    Thanks so much for a reply.

    I get this message under options with this plugin ( it’s not an error message).

    “No public, safe sites available.
    Note: only public, non-mature and non-dashboard sites appear here. Set the default role for the dashboard site above under Dashboard Settings.”

    Users were always added to the main blog by default. I still can’t add a new user to a sub-site with the same username or email with this plugin. The error is ” Sorry that username already exists” even though they are not under users for that site, only on the main one.

    How is it possible to have bp users register to other admin sub-sites, much less other bp members sites, when there is a register+ login required because the network is private, and adding a new member won’t allow the same username or email to be registered because it recognizes it as registered to the main blog but doesn’t honestly already have them on the sub-blog? It’s like if buddypress.org was a sub-site of wordpress.org , and there was a registration/login required, I can’t have the same identity on both. Seems like even though Bp takes over the network, users are really only on the main site not easily involved in others.

    Something like http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bp-community-blogs/other_notes/ would be great if it worked or was supported.

    Again I ask – what plugin are you using to make the other sites PRIVATE?

    Users are global – they CANNOT register on another site in the network becasue they are already a part of the network.

    They can be *added* to another site a couple of different ways. you do not re-register users to another site in a network. you just *add* them.

    you’re running your own mini version of wordpress.com.

    Stacy (non coder)


    Registered users only 2 ( It’s the only privatizing plugin which doesn’t show the entire site during registration and allows the disable rss plugin to work. ) Even with this turned off, those network users cannot be added.

    This is a popular issue ( http://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/does-anybody-still-have-the-wpmu-blog-registrations-plugin)
    I don’t want to make them admin them like suggested
    ( http://mu.wordpress.org/forums/topic/17811)
    This has an option for adding existing users (http://premium.wpmudev.org/project/add-new-users)

    Stacy (non coder)


    Ok I found another one of your comments on this http://wordpress.org/support/topic/user-registration-problem-help?replies=11

    “Then you will need to assign them to the sites you want. Go to Super Admin -> Sites, edit the site and on the lower right, there’s a box to add registered users.”

    “this plugin gives a widget so users alreayd signed up to the network can add themselves to a site (they have to be logged in first):

    Right now adding through super admin works and I don’t have to reconfirm or re-activate per blog (because I have those plugins as well) . All should be fine.

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