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  • Hi gang,

    Im creating a classified directory, in WordPress. It mimicks pretty much.

    I created the wordpress theme and all. Just dont know how to do what needs to be done in WordPress. Like I figure i could use a membership plugin to control the paid membership. Check!

    So they log in and i can send them to a dashboard that only members can see. I know this, but how do i control it so the user can only see and edit his one post that he paid for? The way to do this in WordPress has eluded me.

    think paid classified ads. The public and see and review and search the ads, but lets say I want people who want to be featured to pay, how would the process work where they signup and then are allowed to create and edit their one post?

    I’m new to the developers world and any help with ideas of how to do this is appreciated.


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    Hello NormanBird,

    You’d probably need to start by building the Ad on a Custom Post Type so that you could use the those features in code to restrict access. I’ve not got much advice on how to code it, I only know that this is how ours is built.

    It doesn’t allow featured Ads, but does require payment for the ability to post and limits the author to their own.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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