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  • Hi,

    Currently I have a site at /localhost/ with the installation in a folder in the htdocs folder. I was wondering how I can navigate to a second installation in my htdocs folder?

    Sorry if noob question

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  • Install WP in a different sub-folder using a different database or table prefix.

    As in reinstall the current site in htdocs/wordpress/ to htdocs/wordpress/site1 and then install the second site in htdocs/wordpress/site2 ?

    No. Create a new folder in htdocs called wp2 and install WP into that folder.

    But how would I navigate to it if the one now is setup to /localhost/ ? Sorry, thanks

    I have a site at /localhost/ with the installation in a folder in the htdocs folder

    Your current install is in a sub-folder off htdocs. So how would this be different from this second install in htdocs/wp?

    Because when I go to my browser and go to /localhost/ the installed site comes up and if I go to /localhost/wordpress/ it 404s. I’m not currently navigating to a sub-folder of localhost when I go to the site in a browser

    Where is the original copy of WP installed in htdocs?

    A folder called wordpress. So file structure is htdocs/wordpress/*All WP Files* but when I navigate in the browser I only type in /localhost/ and site loads

    Then you must have used Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory to get WP to take over the localhost root. You now need to reverse those changes.

    In the General settings I don’t have a site url category? Does this mean I’m not an admin? Because I know I have site-wide admin privileges and am set as an administrator in wp_usermeta

    You will have two urls in Settings -> General: the site url and the WordPress url.

    No in mine I only have Site Title, Tagline, E-mail Address, Timezone, Date Format etc. No url inputs at all

    Now look just underneath Tagline…

    Under tagline is email address. There’s no inputs for a URL anywhere on the general settings page

    Is this a site?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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