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    Thank you sir for this awesome lightweight plugin.

    1)I saw the faq for site migration but incase of backup site & restore is it safe to do with ninja firewall installed. Or should i deactivate NF whenever im taking a backup of my site & restoring it. ( using backup buddy)

    2)I did the wordpress hardening .htaccess stuff in wordpress official page. Will it conflict with ninja firewall ?

    3)I saw NF having option to prevent user account creation. So does it include customer roles too ?

    Thank you.

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  • 4) Will this plugin cause a conflict if i use Limits login reloaded ?

    Plugin Author nintechnet


    1. If you restore from a backup on the same server, that’s fine, it will work as expected. But if you restore the backup on another server (or migrate to another server), you must export its configuration and uninstall it. The reason is because NinjaFirewall uses absolute paths, not relative paths and because they won’t match on another server, the firewall will likely crash.

    2. No it shouldn’t.

    3. The option blocks attempts to create any user account by a non admin user (the admin can still create a user account if you enable this policy).

    4. NinjaFirewall will protect the login page before the Limit Login plugin, hence you don’t really need to install another plugin.

    Wow thanks for detailed reply. Definitely my favorite plugin now. Keep up the good work.

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