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  • This maybe easy but I have looked everywhere and on plugin sites.

    How can I have a post made but so it only is displayed on page i ask it to be. Not on the main page.

    the reason for this is so i can have 3 bloggers on one site but have pages for each.

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  • Admin -> Options -> Reading
    Set to “0”

    But will this let all posts i make be seen on the frontpage apart from ones that I choose not to be (B the other bloggers)?

    I want all my posts on the front page but just not theres. I want theres on a page i choose.

    No – you would have to set up a custom query.
    Maybe Kaf or David C can help you.

    I want to do the same thing. Can anyone help?

    You can have a home.php template file with customized Loop to show only certain posts or not at all (in that case don’t even need The Loop, just some static content, and show the posts only on their category (view) page – but not Page!.

    Cant you just have a type of post that will not show instead of naming the ones tah twill show? And is there anything to show me how to do this?

    “type of post that will not show” –
    The only “type” I know of: to have them in a category that is excluded from displaying on the main page.
    See The_Loop and query_posts.

    Thanks! I did it. It took a little work, but I finally got it the way I wanted it to look.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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