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    I am using WordPress as a CMS. I don’t want to hack php to get what I want to work but I can’t find a plugin that will do what I want.

    I would like a Page to display the contents of a category. Basically I want someone to go to a page from the nav bar and see the same content/post list as they would if they clicked the link to a specific category from the category list.

    Is there a plugin that will do this?

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  • Paladin, do you have a horizontal navbar at the top that only has links to pages and a left or right-sidebar with category names?
    Or give us a link to make your question clearer.

    Website is

    I post sermons to the website. They are tagged in categories of sermons, and then also the pastor who delivered the sermon. I have a sidebar with the category lists.

    But I also have a nav bar at the top/left side of the site that links to pages. One of the links is Learn & Grow that leads to a sub page of Sermons. I would like to have that page also list the posts that are tagged with the category of sermons.

    I found a plugin that will allows me to add specific posts, but not a whole category and I do not want to have to go back to that page and edit the page to add each new post.

    I would like to also be able to control the number of posts that would appear if possible.

    I am trying to figure out the EXACT same thing! I have a news magazine and want my contributors posts, (which go to their respective categories), show up on a static page, (like a feed of the category posts).

    My navigation runs across the top from left to right and contains the “Pages” I created, but what I would really like is for those pages to have teh content from the categories be displayed.

    Paladin, I had a similar requirement for my site: See the ‘Ads and More’->’Good Roads’ topic for examples.

    I could not find a plugin to do this, so I coded a special template for the pages. It uses a custom field, category-to-show, to specify the category for the page and restricts the display to posts in that category.

    One other problem I found was that when an individual post was opened, the ‘Next Post’ and ‘Previous Post’ links did not stay in category, so I had to write a custom single.php file for that.

    I know you did not want to mess with php, but if you want, I will be glad to share the code with you (you may need to modify it some). Just send me an email using the About->Contact Us form on the site above and select ‘Mac McDonald’.

    Strange… It seems like this is such a no-brainer type of feature too! I am new to WordPress, but when I got it, I just assumed that this would be the way it worked.

    Unfortunately I’m just a web designer, not a developer, so I have no clue how to mess with php code. Maybe it is because I am used to building static sites, it seems like the idea of having “Links” point to what you want is pretty simple, but maybe with PHP it is not that easy. It seems to me that the most obvious navigation on a site (the top horizontal or left vertical), should be used for site visitors to navigate the content of the site.

    Here is a breakdown of what I need, maybe somebody has some easy solution:

    Across the top of my WordPress site, I have “page links” that are automatically created when I add a new page.

    The problem is, that what I really want is for those links at the top to represent the “categories” where posts from my contributors appear.

    No php hacking, ok. Then I would change the link on the ‘Learn and grow’ page from this:
    to this:

    Personally I am trying this plug-in to see if it works:

    This may be what you need.

    This is solved for me. The Blog in Blog plug in was the answer and worked perfectly!


    that does work. but the issue is still there because there is still a sub-menu link from the nav bar that links to the static page Sermons that doesn’t show this info. Right now I just have another link in the static page for people to click to see Sermons like you suggested. But it would be nice for the static page Sermons to show the sermon category posts.

    Paladin, please contact me, Mac McDonald, at, and I will send you a copy of onecategory.php.

    Copy that file into your theme’s directory and add the custom field ‘category-to-show’ with a value of your sermon category name in your ‘Sermons’ page. Then set the template of the ‘Sermons’ page to onecategory.

    See if that does what you want. If it doesn’t, just reset the template and delete the custom field.

    MichaelH, that is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. THANK YOU!

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