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  • flokati_sunshine3596


    i’m pretty new with web-stuff, so don’t kill me….

    for some reason my wordpress just sort of installed itself. when i went to wp-admin to set up a username and password, it said i had already installed it (which i hadn’t!) and now i could log in, blahblahblah. problem is, i have NO idea what the username and password are! is there a way i can get this information?

    HELP, PLEASE!! >.<

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  • manstraw


    do you know how to access mysql? you can change your password there for your admin account.

    however, I’m concerned about this ‘installed itself’ stuff. when you do an install, it emails the password it creates to the email account you enter during the install process. perhaps you should start fresh by picking a new directory and reinstalling.



    flokati_sunshine: Are you using a hosted service (i.e. buying storage space off some vendor), or are you hosting it yourself (i.e. you’ve set up your own server, run a web server and mysql and so on)?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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