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    Back again. I’ve made some great strides as far as setting up a system whereby I can design at home, export, and import to my webhost correctly. Thanks to everyone who helped. Wondering now if I can have my index.php point to a page created by WP. So when someone types in, they actually see the page for example (yes my WP install is in root dir). I am using the classic theme, so perhaps I should be asking how I could have the index.php file in a theme point a page such as “?page_id=2”.

    This is all because I want to keep the classic theme, add a page called “Home”, and have that “Home” page work from the domain. This would give me a “Home” link in my navigation on the right that would effectively be the same as someone just typing in the domain. If there’s a better way to do it I’m all ears. Thanks.

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  • awesome ill give it a shot.

    I am wondering though, it talks about having a “Home” page point to the WP front page. I was moreso hoping to have the WP front page point to a “Home” page that I have created. Seems close but just backwards. I don’t like the default front page that comes up for WP, it’s listing all my categories and such. All I’m looking for in the end is like a “welcome-page” that shows up at, *with* a link in the navigation to the right such as “Home” (hence creating a “Home” page in WP).

    If WP simply allowed for the “front page” to be edited like any other page this wouldn’t be an issue, and maybe it in fact does. Hope I’m not being too confusing here, we can all create a page within WP which gets added to the navigation, so all I want is to create a page that reads “Home”, and have that page come up at, which is different than having that link just bring up the default “front page”.

    Would a home.php page do the job?

    Seems like it would. I am venturing a bit out of my realm of knowledge with WP here, but then what happens with the link I need to have in my navigation? Perhaps I can just then use that plugin to have a link with the “Home” slug point to the front page, which would then be that home.php…but then how do I edit home.php the way I can edit pages in WP now?

    wow nm guys, that plugin does it all. i dunno what i was thinking, i kinda of took the explanation on that site to mean that you have a page_id now that isn’t being used just “pointing” to the front page. but that’s only half of it, it actually does link the two. great stuff.

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