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  • I am new to WordPress. I’m buidling a site for a local high school ministry that I run. I am using a Thesis theme. I am trying to make it so that each high school (there are 6 that we work with) has it’s own page. I would like for each of the sidebars for those pages to be unique to that page so they can show unique google calendars, unique text info, etc. But it seems like all pages have the same sidebar. Is that just the way it is or is there something I can do to change that? Here is my site…

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Yes, this is possible using page templates, which is an advanced subject as it requires a full understanding of PHP, HTML, and CSS (at least).

    So, if I do not have an understanding of those, I won’t really be able to do it? Or is there a shortcut for people like me that don’t know computer languages?

    Based on your response, my simple answer is ‘yes’.

    There are themes that provide differing sidebars, but what you desire is usually beyond a basic theme setup.

    What I suggest is this:

    Use subdomains:

    The main domain can be made for administrators or simply point to the subs…

    Once school site one is setup, just copy everything to the webhost folder for site two and review moving wordpress.

    All of the above can be achieved without ‘coding’ but does require configuring a few wp files properly and a bit about hosting and domains – discuss with your web host.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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