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  • Hello, is it possible to setup only 1 language to operate in a subdomain (example: ) and have other languages in other domains entirely (ex:, or ) ?
    Is it achievable in any way?

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    The only way is to code your own links model (a child class of PLL_Links_Model) then you use the filter filter ‘pll_links_model’ to tell Polylang to use your class:

    You’ll need to make sure that all methods such as add_language_to_link(), remove_language_from_link(), get_language_from_url() are correctly defined. You can look at other child classes to get some inspiration.



    Thank you very much for your answer.

    Is there also a way to disable hreflang tags gennerated with polylang? I ask because i would like to use another plugin to control those more granularly, but I fear it would conflict with Polylang generated hreflang tags.

    How can I disable hreflang tags with polylang?



    I’ve solved the disabling of hreflang tags by searching in this support section, so I’ve done this:

    – created a child theme
    – added this line at the end of the funtions.php file:

    remove_filter( 'pll_rel_hreflang_attributes', 'filter_pll_rel_hreflang_attributes', 10, 1 );

    I’ve then installed the HREFLANG Tags Lite plugin, to make it easier to managed hreflang tags for every page and post.

    Actually, turns out i can’t manage to disable hreflang tags with that filter, polylang just ignores it somehow.

    Advice would be appreciated, I skimmed the polylang filters documentation and it requires a non-negligible degree of technical proficiency…

    Just how to disable all hreflangs polylang throws in?

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    Isn’t there an easy stp-by-step guide to disable hreflang tags in polylang? The usual method (written above) doens’t work.


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