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  • I would LOVE some help.

    I am trying to set-up WordPress and I uploaded all the files to a new domain (not yet pointing correctly) after changing the config file to have the proper info (including changing the host because I needed to.)

    When I run the install.php, the page that comes up has code on it (and I have no idea what it means), and it is asking me the fill out the config info again. I tried doing this and it never advances when I put in the correct information.

    This the code at the very top:

    installing now.”); if (!file_exists(‘../wp-config-sample.php’)) die(‘Sorry, I need a wp-config-sample.php file to work from. Please re-upload this file from your WordPress installation.’); $configFile = file(‘../wp-config-sample.php’); if (!is_writable(‘../’)) die(“Sorry, I can’t write to the directory. You’ll have to either change the permissions on your WordPress directory or create your wp-config.php manually.”); $step = 0; if(isset($_GET[‘step’])) $step = $_GET[‘step’]; header( ‘Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8’ ); ?>

    Can anyone help me figure out the problem? This is my FIRST time ever doing something like this, so if I can’t follow the help files, I am lost!

    Thank you!


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  • lauraj …
    i just got finished setting up a WP install for someone on this forum .. I will be glad to help you out ..

    bradhuss at hyperactive-media dot com

    Don’t try and “run” install from your FTP client. Browse to it with your web browser (aka http://yoursite/blog/wp-admin/install.php)

    Just guessing, but that’s often the case with this sort of error.

    OH, love you guys…

    Brad – THANK YOU! I have your email and you are so great to let me bug you.

    HandySolo – That is exactly what I am doing… So because the DNS is not yet pointing correctly (due to the age of the domain – registered yesterday), do I have to wait for that to happen? Or is there another way to work on it while I wait for the DNS to update? I would love to have it ready to go for when everything with the domain is kosher…

    You guys are awesome!


    Okay, I am thinking I can just go in through the server IP, right? I need to check if I have a dedicated IP.

    *sorry, just talking to myself*


    wait til the domain resolves to the DNS … then go the the folder .. domainname.tld/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php.

    no problem lauraj .. i will be more than willing to help you out ..

    if you want .. just send me the domain name and once resolved i can walk you through the installation .. should not take 5 minutes .. and i will get you started on some really good plug-ins too …


    Personaly, I don’t see what the DNS has to do with anything.

    If you are getting code, then the server isn’t processing the PHP correctly. You should not be getting the contents of the files, but the rendered HTML instead. Double check with your new host and MAKE SURE they support PHP.


    Based on posts in this thread, the OP is getting code by “running” install.php from an FTP client. Which will not ever get PHP going. 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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