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  • It is time for plugin requests again. I would like to write one that could benefit a large number of WordPress users – not just something for a small niche market. Any ideas? 🙂

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  • How about one for cycling through old posts. I guess it would have to work with some sort of cron job implementation, but here’s the idea:.

    You select the category for it to affect
    It query’s the table of posts and sorts by date.
    It then replaces the oldest date with today’s date.

    One options might include what time to run the script.

    How about a really nice comments text box plug-in with coding buttons and a smilie section? Tinymce doesn’t work for everyone.

    blepoxp: You mean a plugin that periodically changes the date on the last post in a category, so it is listed first? It seems like that would be possible without having to actually change the date in the database, but I would have to give it some thought. I will think about the idea 🙂

    webDressing: I thought I had seen a nice plugin to replace the comments box recently. I will see if I can’t find it.

    How about a true pagination system for WordPress – i.e., on search results, instead of moving forward and backwards through who knows how many pages of them, have links at the bottom to page 1, 2, 3, etc. of search results. This would also apply to any of the other pages (archives, etc.) where there are the forward/backward links.




    That’s the idea… but scheduled, rather than periodically.

    eg: I have a category with hundreds of posts. That category gets one new post a day. For some time now, I’ve stopped adding new posts to the category though. I have enough posts to just cycle through them – one a day – and they aren’t repeated for over a year. It’d be nice if there was a plugin that just takes the oldest one and makes it the newest one. Options in your plugin might be: how often to change them, what time to change them, what category to affect, etc.

    I think there would be many uses for this. My site would use it for daily devotions. Others could use it for helpful hints, words of the day, interesting facts, “from the archives”, and anything else that could be titled “Daily or Weekly ____ .”

    Huh. I guess I’ve been looking in the wrong places. Thanks.

    blepoxp: I will give some thought to what all it would involve and post back 🙂

    Can I get something to write my posts for me, please? That would be a big help. 🙂

    drmike: I wish 😉

    blepoxp: I just completed the plugin. I will add it to my site shortly and post a link 🙂

    Scheduled Post Shift Plugin for WordPress

    Enjoy 😉

    Wow! That was fast. Thanks Aleister!

    About a really nice comments text box plug-in with coding buttons and a smilie section…
    Have a look here
    The plugin will can be also available for bbPress after (depends on ajax libs…)? Ah?!
    Just a thought…

    I am not sure how many others would like this plugin however I would like a way to split long posts into several pages. I know you can add the nextpage tag to a post but I would prefer an automated way of doing this.

    For example when your post reaches a certain number of characters create a next page.

    The built in nextpage tag doesn’t work well either, it seems to mess up my layout.

    How about a plugin that allows me to have other plugins available to users of a specific role?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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