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    As you may or may not know I am currently working on completely rewriting the plugin so that it may be easily updated and extended in the future, so I won’t currently be adding any new features to this plugin until it is released (there will also be a premium version, but still thinking about how this will work amongst other things) but will do my best to fix any bugs that are reported between now and then.

    So this topic is for any suggestions you may have for the new version, likely to be called WPBB 2.0.

    Things already implemented:

    • You can now set permissions for categories
    • The ‘view’ permission has been changed to prevent role(s) from actually being able to see a category, forum or sub forum instead of what it currently does: allow you to view inside it.
    • Extensions – Developers mainly but anyone with a little php knowledge will be able to create “sub plugins” for the plugin without having to edit the plugin itself and then have to do it all over again when you update – users will also be able to download, activate and deactivate these “sub plugins” with the click of a button.
    • The plugin itself will be much easier to understand and edit
    • More things I can’t think of of the top of my head, will reply to this topic every now and then with an updated list of complete suggestions or suggestions being worked on / debated on etc

    I do have lots of ideas for the plugin but would love to hear yours. Since I don’t think I’ll be able to edit this post after a certain time, I’ll likely post with an updated list of things completed and other things being worked on or possibly being added.

    Thanks again to all of you for using WPBB!

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  • I have a suggestion for you.How about integrating categories into forums like other Forum software have.
    If I want to make lets say a Category General and a forum Discussions in it, to be able to make a SubCategory in that forum and then a in that category SubForum.
    This will allow a greater customizability and will be really useful.

    Maybe, a phpBB convertor will be useful ? 🙂

    I would like the option to make timestamps editable in terms of format and location.

    I would like to have the forum post the avatar or image from the topic page so its a image and text. Is this possible?

    I would like there to be a way for forum members to flag inappropriate comments.

    would love to see some widgets for use in sidebars… like latest posts… power users… hot topics…

    Support for custom css templates would be great. Even if they just need to be uploaded into the plugin’s css folder. It could be a dropdown instead of radio buttons in the plugin settings.

    Also FWIW, although adding link state css is good practice to be thorough, it overwrites theme css as you have it written. Changing the css to:

    .wpbb-table a:visited {color: #0066CC;}

    would be preferred, although I’d rather not have the plugin set text colors without custom css template support.

    I really like the simplicity of this plugin. Nice job!

    I’m trying to use it to replace Yahoo Groups usage so for me there are a few items that would be really, really useful. An automated daily “Digest” of messages from forums the user has subscribed to is number one on that list, while the ability to upload files to storage for other user’s access (with the necessary permission level to do so, and operator-defined limits on the size of those files) is also important.

    It’d be nice to be able to change the actual physical size of the forum, as it doesn’t fit very well over my theme background.

    It’d be cool if users could go straight to the “subscribe” page and if the links to log in and register were much bigger (they come as a tiny barely-legible text on my page.)

    Finally, how about being able to put images and logos onto the front page of the forum in place of the category names and forum names – to jazz up the look of the entrance page?

    With that sort of functionality I’d be happy to pay a reasonable fee for the commercial product.



    Any chance of generating a sitemap file for this plugin? Or a suggestion for how to submit the forum and all posts to Google webmaster tools? Thanks!

    would love to see you customize text colors

    Thank you for your development of this wonderful plugin, but I find it lacks in one thing.

    Redirection.. After a post or topic is created, a redirection to that post or topic would be very much appreciated, rather than leaving the user either confused or having to go into the boards and view their post to have visual confirmation.

    Awesome plugin, but it needs that.

    The Author Jack Foreigner


    Yes, an easier way to customize forum styling!

    Any status updates to share yet, CodeByCarter?? 🙂

    Would be nice if WPBB used WordPress’s date/time settings for the timestamps on posts. Looks like it currently uses server settings or ISP? I have some posters who seem to have EDT timestamps, and other posters with UTC?

    Also, when editing another’s post. If rather than changing the post’s author to the name of the editor, if it only noted that the post had been modified by the editor, while still maintaining the original author’s name would be appreciated.

    Error creating category, please try again!

    I’ve only been poking around and testing this forum on my site, but, it seems to be a little clunky for first time users. The login/registration process is not obvious. On the main page of the forum where it says: My Profile | Unread Topics | Unanswered Topics | My Messages – I would like to see a login/register link there. I know I can add that myself, but, it just seems like an important detail. Not everyone who uses the forum is very tecnically savvy and I can see there being a fair amount of confusion as to how to get into it, especially when you login and it goes the the WP dashboard rather than the actual forum. I like this forum plugin though, it seems very clean compared to many other forums I have tested.


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