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  • lol at the HTML Garbage validator 🙂

    :-)) as i couldn’t figure out in an acceptable time how to make w3c happy with my html-code, i decided to create my own html validator, which would always say “concratulations”….
    at the moment i’m extending it to analyze a bit the given code and to give points (for example for unclosed tags) – and final, there will be a top ten list

    within your blue footer bar (which is in the middle of the page right now… you could get it at the bottom with a div style=”clear:both” tag) in the saying “powered by WordPress,” the “WordPress” is the same color blue until you hover over it… then it turns white. I had this same issue until I found it in the CSS and changed the color.
    (I’m viewing on Firebird 0.8)

    well, i can’t find the “error”. i’m viewing with mozilla, and there’s no “wordpress” in the same color… then i’ve tried with ie6 – and you are right, can’t see wordpress until i hover over it.
    but the css code is right i think
    .credit a:link {
    color: #fff;

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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