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  • Can see the controls to increase and decrease size but other than that the page is blank. Can’t find anything about how to fix it except a lot of other people asking the same thing. INstructions are unclear.

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  • Agree. Completely unsupported plugin. If others can post their shortcode, perhaps I can figure out where to drop the folder/file so it can be found. The author is using this plugin, so at least he’s figured it out. If others have sites that are using this, please share. We’d all like to learn. jb

    I completely gave up on this after about two days of wasted time… it should be taken out of the repository or have one of those warning signs that it is unsupported.

    OK, I played a bit longer.

    On my server (godaddy), /html is the top level directory. This directory houses my wp-admin, wp-content, etc. folders. Essentially, as noted in the readme.txt.

    In that same directory, I created an “mm” folder.

    My shortcode is: [freemind file=”../mm/” /]

    The key thing is that I changed the name of the file from a long thing with special characters (including underscores and an ampersand, “&”) to just “”.

    Problem solved.

    I experimented a bit with names on the site and shortcode references.

    Filename | Reference | Result | | works
    m& | m& | “undefined” bubble (a first time for me)
    m& | m&& | “undefined” bubble
    m& | m/& | “undefined” bubble | | works | | works again

    I don’t suspect there is an overall character limitation, but ampersands definitely seem to upset the file name parser. Not being a Unix/Linux expert (but knowing enough to be dangerous), I can only guess. [If someone can offer a parsing string that avoids this problem, I’m sure it will be welcome.]

    Also, for reference, I’ve used the “mm” folder name throughout this experiment.

    Give it another try and holler back if it works or not. I suspect it will.

    So in the end, this does exactly what it should do, provide a browser of a standard mm file. It’s not complex or pretty, but it gets the job done. Now that we’ve hopefully resolved the directory/filename issue, I suspect this plugin to get much more use.

    As I’d stated earlier, the developer uses it on his own website (which has been updated recently with a project mm file).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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