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  • Hey there,

    I am currently setting up the website(s) for a local youth organisation.

    We want to have a main page that is in de_DE and en_US – so far this works great with the plugin.

    But for certain events (we have a local competition and an international event) I wanted to create two more websites on the same multisite network with their own language translations (again in EN and DE)

    SO there would be 6 blogs on the website:
    Main en/us
    EBEC en/us
    Seasonal Course en/us

    now I don’t know how to properly set it up, so that the sites ebec and seasonal course are seperated from the main site. And in each website only the translations for the other site is visible.

    I already found this thread:

    but the solution totally unlinks the Help sites and is not necessarily what I need

    thanks for the help

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  • Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner



    you could try this approach if these 3 types use different templates:

    Just add that filter to the functions.php of the theme. There are only to add the right blog IDs.


    Hi thank you for the quick reply

    Unfortunatly they might use the same theme – and the theme could change over the years, since the course and the contest are organized independently.

    Do I understand correctly, that if one user is only admin of 2 blogs, your plugin would only display these blogs

    Maybe this is a feature that can be included in the future:
    * to select in the admin panel which blogs are linked to the current blog for the language plugin ?

    any other options? otherwise I will try to implement your idea and document it, so they know what to do in the future.

    My last idea was, to set up 3 multisite wordpress installs, but I think this is way to much overkill

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    You could use this code also in a custom plugin.

    Please have a look here for feature request:

    I will have a look into writing a quick plugin

    I would be also interested in a solution for the following setup:

    • WP Multisite Installation
    • Multisite Language Switcher
    • BlogA with language versions: EN/DE
    • BlogB with language versions: EN/DE/IT
    • BlogC with language versions: DE/IT
    • All blogs might use the same theme

    If besterlangen would share his code I would appreciate (I have no PHP coding skills).
    Additionally I would ask if based on realloc’s first comment creating a child-theme (with individual functions.php) for every blogX would be a possible solution?
    I would very appreciate if MLS could integrate options for this setup (selecting of “connected-blogs/languages”) in the future.
    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    I think that the plugin-approach fits best in your case. But you should know the blog-IDs for the different sites in your setup which is the part to customize.

    I will see what we can do here in future versions.

    Hey there,

    the plugin approach is really simple.

    Just have a look over here

    just change the numbers where it states
    foreach ( array( 1, 2, ) as $id ) {

    to the according ids of your blogs and save it as a php file in a directory in your plugins.
    The activate this plugin just in the blogs that need to see each other in wordpress.

    I think it might be not too hard to add it into a future version.
    Just have a dropdown in the settings where you can add/delete blogs that will be matched.
    I think this would really help a lot of people that can not code to use your plugin fully

    Ok, ID setup should be easy enough for me 😉
    And also the rest looks understandable to me. Will try it.

    Thank you very much besterlangen and realloc!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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