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  • ok, im new to this forum so please bare with me.

    heres my issue.

    i have a site that was running just fine using “indore 1.0.1” theme.

    yesterday i created a totally new site, and began designing it.

    i wanted to make sure my 1st site was not affected in anyway by me working on my new site, so i went to it.. and sure enough, it was messed up ( ,My header image had some how changed)

    so i logged out of my second site, logged into my 1st one to correct this issue, but i couldn’t correct anything. i received a notice saying that i needed to update to the new wordpress version. So i did, BUT NOW WHEN I LOG INTO MY DASHBOARD THE ENTIRE LEFT COLUMN IS NOT THERE! i cant “add post”, activate or deactivate pluggins, i cant do anything because there is no left column.

    SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME! ( im no web expert, i had a good thing going with my first site, and i just want it back )

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  • My first suggestion would be to approach this from the FTP angle. You want to see if your default theme will work. So I would suggest renaming all existing themes apart from the default theme (20/11?) using FTP and then trying to log in.

    by 1st site and 2nd site, what do you mean?

    have you installed the 2nd site into a separate folder?

    is the 1st site installed in its own folder or at the root?


    ok i spoke with my hosting company ( godaddy ), and it was brought to my attention that my new site is running “wordpress 3.2.1″ and my old one is still on ” wordpress 2.9.2″. So this is why my dashboard is not available, to allow me to make any updates to my 1st website.

    my question for you guys is what steps would you take to remedy this issue?

    ( please keep in mind i am not that great at web designer, i just do the best that i can )

    without knowing what do you mean by ‘old’ and ‘new’….
    sorry, can’t answer your question…

    i have two sites.

    the “old one” is the one that was functioning just fine.

    but after i purchased and began working on the ” new” site. The one that was working fine began to mess up. Now i have no way to edit my “old” site, because the dashboard is not available. I have no way to make changes to it in any way.

    i hope this makes my issues clear to you?


    you’re talking about two wordpress installations that somehow got mixed,
    or you’re talking about a new theme that you installed in your site?

    you can have one WP installed at the root of your site (, and another one installed in a folder (

    or maybe you installed a new theme and upgraded your wordpress…

    i have two totally separate websites.

    the new one is running “wordpress 3.2.1”

    the old one is running “wordpress 2.9.2”

    the two sites are totally separate, they share no folders.

    i just downloaded “filezilla” and i did a backup of my files. i am about to just update the “old site” to the new “wordpress 3.2.1″….. but i am noticing from other post that this updates is causing problems.

    do you have any helpful advise?

    Site urls?

    in theory, there shouldn’t be any interconnection between two separate wp installs

    they can even share the same database, if their table prefix is different
    – they are different, right?
    – i just made a test and it’s possible, WP gives you a warning that it’s already installed, but it goes ahead… but haven’t done further testings to see all the implications of this mistake

    before going any further, you should backup your database
    do you have any prior backups of your db?
    – unfortunately, ftp backup is not enough to restore your old site

    my urls are

    yes the two sites are totally different.

    i just did a backup of my database using “filezilla”. this was my first database backup.

    is there any remedy to this issue, or is my only option to start over from scratch? ;(

    Those two sites do appear to be totally unrelated.

    yep, the sites seem to be unrelated..

    just for the record, governlife, filezilla is a ftp program, it just copies the wordpress files and your ‘physical’ site content (themes, plugins, uploads)

    all the data (posts, links, comments, options) resides inside the mySql database do a database backup you need to use phpMyAdmin (from your domain control panel), or use some plugin to do it

    the only reason i can come up with to one install mess with the other would be if you used the same database and the same prefix for both installs

    have you tried another browser?

    ok, well noted. I went to the use “phpMyAdmin”

    and now i have a “pending backup”.

    ok. this is wierd, after i went to “filezilla” and did the backup. I then clicked update to the new “wordpress 3.2.1”. now i can see me “dashboard”!

    the only plugin that is missing is the ” next gen photo gallery” ( and this is miissing because i deleted the pluggins folder from my FTP file directory )

    Now that i can see my dashboard, i see a message at the top of the page saying
    ” word press 3.2.1 is available! please update now”?

    i hope im not sounding too confusing

    well, if you got your admin back, than that’s good news 🙂

    once this happened to me, wordpress being up to date and the ‘upgrade’ message still appearing… minor bug, browser cache problem, donnou why this happens nor how it’s solved…

    you can put this code into your theme’s functions.php and that warning will disappear

    function hide_update_notice() {
    	remove_action( 'admin_notices', 'update_nag', 3 );
    add_action( 'admin_notices', 'hide_update_notice', 1 );

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