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    I’ve searched and googled and I cannot find a solution to my problem. Seems like the issue of being unable to add new categories is not new to 2.3.2. But none of the solutions so far proffered help my circumstance. [Including installing an ajax plugin and a mega category manager plugin.]

    I updated my blog from 2.1.x to 2.3.2 and things seemed fine. All my categories came thru just fine but I couldn’t add new ones.

    So I decided to follow my own advice and just strip out everything except my .htacces file and the wp-config.php file, and of course left the themes and plugins alone (after disabling the plugins) in the wp-content folder. And uploaded WP as a new install. I had hoped doing this would shake out whatever bug was causing the categories problem.

    But it hasn’t. Now I do have my old MySQL dump and I guess I can import that categories table into this install. I’d at least get my former cats back. And I guess to add more, I could edit the database table.

    But .. this is WP and 2008 for crying out loud. I shouldn’t have to do this.

    I have another fresh WP 2.3.2 install on a different host and I have no such problems. Can this be a hosting environment issue and if so, why hasn’t this been mentioned in any of the myriad posts (many of which remain unsolved [much like a good murder mystery]? Any thoughts?

    <vent>The bloom is starting to come off the rose for me lately with regard to WP. </vent>

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  • Bump. I develop WP sites for a living so if this turns out to be a web host issue* then it’s very bad for WP, if you ask me. I tried importing my old categories back into the database and WP still does not see them, the web host cannot figure out what the problem is and I still cannot add categories.

    Anyone? (I find it hard to believe that no one has come up with a definitive solution, at this point I don’t even care WHY it’s doing this, after all these months.) 🙁

    * Very bad for WP and for me and the client b/c how would a person determine in advance whether WP would “play nice” in the hosting environment. It sure doesn’t seem to be doing so in MINE. And I suspect it IS a web host issue because I have other new and upgraded installs of WP 2.3.2 on other servers with other web hosts and they do not have this problem. Problem is, this server is where I offer web hosting so.. it needs to be fixed.

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    Some of the answers have been that you have extra white space at the beginning of your wp-config.php or the the db table that holds categories is wrong or corrupt.

    I would compare my basic php files on the non-working site line for line with the working sites files. Just compare line totals. If they are not the same that is where the problem is.

    I thought of that too and am doing this now. Something else interesting which I’ve asked my web host about. I have several different web hosting accounts, one at (that WP 2.3.2 install is fine), one at dreamhost (also fine) and two at surpass, the WHM account (the one that’s acting up), and a second account, which strangely enough, tho with the same web host, is on a different server. So I’m thinking it’s a server setting that somehow was changed or hosed or something. I’m still trying to solve this because just like with my boyfriend, I refuse to give up on WP just yet. 🙂

    And another rant, why can’t web hosts TELL YOU when they do stuff like this, it would sure solve a number of headaches. 🙁

    It was a mod_security issue, as Otto explained here:

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