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  • And I’m not typically the kind of person capable of hatred – but this newest update to WordPress (Gutenberg, is it?) – I absolutely HATE!!!

    I hate it so much I am inspired to post a hate thread, venting my frustrations – but will WordPress even care to listen to me, to you, to any of us? Probably not.

    What they think is best is what goes – and this is going right down the toilet.

    The mechanics of this are incredibly clunky, I can hardly make out where what is and what to do, among so many other little hiccups it’s almost impossible to edit any articles.

    Normally with new updates and changes, I may be unhappy with it at first but eventually am willing to learn – but not this, I DO NOT see that happening, ever.

    When I switch back to using the Classic editor plugin, I seem unable to edit in HTML – and I’m not going through each individual plugin (all highly necessary that I use, same with my theme) to find which is the culprit, WHEN NOTHING WAS BROKE TO BEGIN WITH. I don’t have time for that so why would I do it?!

    This new editor situation has me highly irritated and confused and I want nothing to do with it but it would seem I am being forced to learn it or not use my website, which I am building as a career and have been working on upwards of 5-6+ years now.

    So annoying WordPress – why would you do something like this to us? Just plain rude.

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  • Hello, sorry to hear that your experience with Gutenberg wasn’t positive, but thanks for giving it a try! The Gutenberg team is listening, and actively seeking feedback and help in discovering bugs and edge cases.

    Have you continued to use the editor in the more recent releases? You’ll find that there have been improvements in the past few months. It would be helpful to hear specific examples of what you are finding clunky and difficult to use, so we can pass that feedback on to the Gutenberg team.

    If you are still experiencing issues with the Classic Plugin, please do share those with the support forums for the plugin:

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