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  • I really do hate posting in here for the obvious egomaniacal reasons, but I was curious as to what others thought of my layout/colors/etc. I am using a version of Kubrick that I’ve modified a bit so as not to look so out of the box, and done away with the rounded corners.
    Also, please find a post w/ comments and comment (here) on how you liked the implementation of offset colors and the gravatars. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and feedback!

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  • I like the changes, though I’m wondering if you really want the weather to be the first thing on your sidebar? Think of what your readers will be looking for… The search bar would probably be a better bet.
    Also the Calendar needs to be adjusted a bit to the left, it’s scraping to the right of the sidebar.
    PS: I’m disappointed that you removed my credit from the footer 🙁

    I like, and agree with Michael’s observations. I really don’t care what the temp is in Birmingham. Well, most of the time.
    And it’s always smart to share the love (i.e. credits) with the public. If your footer seems crowded, a colophon page describing the ins and outs of creating your site while passing on good karma to Michael would be a nice alternative (in my opinion). And as you’re using 1.3a, you should have no problem creating a page like that…

    Yea, I thought several times about moving that to the bottom of the page…truth is, I travel out of B’ham a lot and I like to know the weather here if I open my site (again, its not ‘all’ for the viewers)….I will def. take that into consideration however….As far as the Cal. goes, I was working with the Flickr plugin and the thumbnails wouldn’t align correctly, thus the move in the sidebar margins…I’ve just yet to change them back, but thanks for reminding me!
    @Both, I actually do have a Colophon(about) Page that my styles got messed up on so I jerked it until I can get it working again. It does, of course, give credit to Michael for his incredible work in Kubrick and I apologize for it not having been up on your visit.
    Thank you both for the comments….

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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