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  • Mistake #1 upgraded to 2.5 What a mess. Can’t edit posts, can’t upload pics. lost most of the code for widgets etc. I need to roll back and get back to blogging post haste. Any one who can help please???

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Restore your database from the backup you made.
    Put WordPress 2.3.3 back on the server.

    Simple as that, really.

    ok…total uber technophobe here, how to I “restore” the database? (once I find the back up file) and if I deleted it I guess I’m up to my arse in gators eh?

    ok…bad news is that database back up is on crashed hd. Now, I have downloaded a plug in called md5 password hashes. Is there a workaround? WP2.5 just basically sucks, I’m really unhappy with the editor and other major issues. If I can’t get rolled back, I’m going to find another software…
    found an earlier backup from feb….but what about posts since? I’m really getting steamed.

    Your database should be intact unless you deleted it at some point. Simply save a copy of your wp-config.php file and any other files that you want to preserve such as any customized themes and image files to your pc hard drive and then delete your current blog in its entirety. Then upload a fresh copy of WordPress 2.3.3. to your server. Upload a copy of your old wp-config.php file to that and you should be back up and running in just a few short minutes. I hope that this has been a lesson in why backups are so important before making any changes, regardless of what program or whatever it is that you’re dealing with on your PC.

    My version of 2.3.3 is now also experiencing the image upload problems, even after turning off plugins, updating Flash and trying Firefox. Any ideas for those who want to stick with 2.3.3 for a while longer? Image problem surfaced just yesterday. oddly enough.

    gmsand…what happened to my hd (with my saved database) ain’t my fault. I don’t need lessons on backing up for sure. What I did ask for was help. Haven’t gotten it, only some obscure directions from you. For my part, I’m leaving wp until the problems are straight. And to think I convinced my friends to leave blogger for this mess..ciao

    Sorry, can’t help with your database issue. I found this very helpfull when I rolled my site back

    Not sure anything can be done if you don’t have a back up to hand. Hopefully some of the negative 2.5 feedback will be acted upon and the next update will contain a more userfriendly back end…


    I’ve just sent a post about the new version of wordpress using IE7. I noticed yesterday that you can’t easily upload images in IE. However if you use Firefox I didn’t notice any problems at all.


    I’m terribly sad. I’ve been running with 2.5 and now 2.6 for a few months now. I tried to like it. I really did but I can’t stand the interface.

    Phoey, if I could rollback my 2.6.1 database to 2.3, I’d not be cursing WordPress every freaking day.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    gadlen: You could try using the trunk version (latest bleeding edge code). It has a revamped interface. See here:

    I’m using it. Works okay.

    Thanks for the suggestion Otto42. I haven’t upgraded to 2.7. I took a look at the 2.7 wireframe and it doesn’t have the fixes I need to make is usable. Firstly, making image uploads as easy as it was in 2.3. That complaint is echoed here and here

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I’m using 2.7 now, and Image Uploads are extremely easy. So I don’t really understand what you’re talking about.

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