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  • I’m a novice WordPresser trying to build a WordPress replacement for my defunct Wikispaces site which had a tag cloud feature. I got Wikispaces to export tags as hashtags appended to the top heading of each HTML page. To accomplish wiki-like behaviour in WP, I use the Yada Wiki plugin and import the Wikispaces exported HTML pages and sundry linked files using the HTML Import 2 plugin with the option to convert the heading to the WP page title. To convert the hashtags to WP tags, I chose hashtagger and discovered more was needed.

    Yada Wiki enhances the Tag Cloud widget to extend its ‘taxonomy’ (?) to report Wiki Tags but requires a plugin to extend tagging to pages. So I added “Category Tag Pages” plugin and now have the tagging menu on both standard editing pages and Yada Wiki editing pages. I’ve added the Tag Cloud widget twice to the primary left side navigation, one for Tags, the other for Wiki Tags. Hashtagger successfully converts hashtags in title and body for conventional posts and pages and these are reported in the Tag Cloud.

    Something else is happening for Wiki Pages. I can add a conventional tag to a page and it is reported in the Wiki Tag Cloud. Hashtags on Wiki Pages do not appear to be converted as they never appear in either Cloud nor in the “Choose from the most-used Wiki Tags” list. However, they do show in the published page footer as Tags whereas the one added conventionally does not.

    To differentiate the “tags” on the reference page:
    conventionalwikitag is the WP tag directly added as a page attribute
    YadaTitleTag is the ‘tag’ generated by hashtagger from the hashtag #YadaTitleTag
    YadaBodyTag is the ‘tag’ generated by hashtagger from the hashtag #YadaBodyTag

    I realise that the ‘fault’ may lie in one of the other plugins or an incompatibility between hashtagger and, likely, “Category Tag Pages”.

    Looking forward to your insight,


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I think I know what the problem is and I may have a post-fix for it but 000webhost puts an hourly limit on database queries of 15000 which I have now exceeded so the site is frozen for the time being. It ran out using hashtagger’s Regenerate function. So what follows has my flawed memory.

    YadaWiki pages are posts, not pages, if that makes sense with post_type = “yada_wiki”. The normal Tag Cloud must only count post_type = whatever_normal_is_for_posts so it misses these ones. Hashtagger sets the converted tag taxonomy to “post_tag” but YadaWiki tag cloud looks for “wiki_tags” so it misses them, too.

    Having some experience with SQLite, I have been able to update the taxonomy for tags to “yada_wiki” post types to be “wiki_tags” and revise the count for each for a small set of pages and was proceeding to test it out on the full set of about 280 when the brakes were put on.

    I could easily have misunderstood the wp database structure but I’m hopeful that mySQL script will take care of the batch conversion on my permanent site. What remains is whether to keep hashtagger going on it if it does not support YadaWiki. Otherwise, it looks to be a great plugin for wp sites that stay within the bounds of more common configs.

    My script completed successfully and now there are Yada Wiki Tags matching the hashtags.

    I guess the conclusion is that it would be nice to have support within the plug-in to handle custom post_type and related taxonomy. Perhaps in settings, a provision for the administrator to add a table of such pairs. Not knowing enough about wp, I don’t know if that is reasonable or if there is any demand for it.


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