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    Instagram gradually closes the old API. The latest update deprecates hashtag endpoints. Right now 10Web Instagram Feed plugin does not display hashtag feed media. We are sorry for the inconveniences this causes to you.

    The workaround is to use new Graph API Hashtag Search for business profiles. We plan to release the update of the plugin supporting Graph API by mid-January. We are committed to develop and support 10Web Instagram Feed plugin in future as well as a part of 10Web platform and to provide the best experience for 10Web users.

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  • Hi Tigran,

    Thanks for working on the update. You said it will be released mid-January. Do you have a date / deadline?

    So I know I can wait for the update because this plugin is really great. I don’t want to search for another one.

    Plugin Contributor Tigran Nazaryan


    hi @kimberlynijzink

    the update is ready,
    we are waiting for the Facebook review now. We will release it as soon as we get the approval. Hope it will be soon.

    hope for the best.
    still waiting for update

    Plugin Contributor Tigran Nazaryan


    version 1.3.11
    New: Create hashtag feeds for business profiles using Instagram Graph API

    See how to setup hashtag feed here.

    Thanks! Great work

    I followed the instruction, but it just tells me the hashtag feed does not contain any posts.

    Tried the same – and I have the same issue.
    “This hashtag currently has no posts. Are you sure you want to add it?”

    Connected a IG profile that is a business profile, and that has been connected to a public facebook page as well.

    Just did this last night, had to also authorise through my Facebook account as a two step process and now working Good fix

    I still try, but no success.
    Could the problem be that the FB business page is already connected to the Instagram account? If I disconnect and reconnect the Instagram account, I don’t get the option to switch to business profile. It just takes the business profile.
    Any suggestions?

    Plugin Contributor Tigran Nazaryan


    hi @bevelededge,

    which hashtag throws “no posts” error ?

    to get hashtag feed data, you should have Instagram business profile

    Hi @progmastery,
    interesting, I just changed the hashtag and it works for some, but not for all.
    E.g the one I tried are:
    #web (working)
    #grafiskdesigner (working)
    #grandstudio_communication (111 posts, not working)
    #bevelededgeoninsta (15 posts, not working)
    #mycoworkinglifestyle (1 post, not working)

    Do I need a minimum posts?

    Instagram is a business profile.

    I cab see that most hashtags work – like #holiday, #arsenal etc. with a lot of posts on them. I’m looking to use a # with just 11 pictures on it, and then it says it’s empty: “This hashtag currently has no posts. Are you sure you want to add it?”

    Could this be that to use a hashtags on a business profile, the # needs X amount of photos in it? Or something like that.

    Having same problem as everyone else. Connected the Instagram profile to Facebook and hashtags with many results are working, but hastags with less than 10 photos I get a message that there are no results, making the plugin useless for me.

    Examble of hashtag not working: #villabarque

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    after re-install new update.
    i got error,
    “The filter terms that you have used didn’t match. Please change the parameters.”

    Hi Tigran,

    We still get an error that there is no media on the #hashtag. However there are 134 messages using the hashtag. Could you please assist?

    This is the link:

    Here is the used hashtag:

    P.S. How long does it take for the feed to renew itself? Is it every hour or so?

    Thanks in advance!


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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