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  • jack randall


    hastags are html special entities and they have special codes to help you display them in places where the actual sign has a specific coding function.

    you can add entities to URLs in html (hashtag is %23, see here for html entities reference ) but i don’t know if it works in permalinks… there are certain server side issues to be taken into consideration with URLs generated in blogs and CMS’s

    jack randall


    or are you trying to create a linkable table of contents? if so then you create the anchor point on the element you want to jump down to, ie:

    <h1 id="anchor_id">section heading</h1>

    and then in the link text you want people to click to jump put:

    <a href="#anchor_id">clickable text</a>

    All I’m trying to do is:

    Create a page, say Video Gallery

    That will then go in the nav-bar

    The permalink should be

    Which will link to an anchor on the main page

    I tried the %23 and it worked except a forward slash is also added after

    Like so,

    Which, unfortunately, is not what I want, but I can’t see anyway of getting rid of the /

    Oh well, a gif will have to do!


    Thanks for the help!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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