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  • I recently upgraded to 3.1.

    I am trying to troubleshoot a problem I have already detailed in another forum post but under a different assumption of the root of the problem. I now wonder if this is related to version 3.1.

    The problem is that my Post creation screen now lacks the Insert/Edit Embeded Media button. This function is crucial to our blog as we are a video blog and we have no interest in uploading to Youtube or similar services becasue of our technical requirements for encoding and scaling of video as well as branding.

    The button I am referring to is pictured in the following link.
    This button is no longer visible in our Posting screen.

    Our site has been seriously disrupted as a result of losing this functionality. and I am wondering if the new version is the cause.

    If so, then this is a serious step backwards for WordPress. If this is the problem, then instructions on rolling back to the previous version would be most helpful indeed.

    Help is greatly appreciated.

    Jeff in Palmetto, FL

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  • Sorry, one more thing.

    If this button is supposed to be included in version 3.1, what may have caused it to be lost? I have tried deactivating all plugins and retrying, but I have met up with the same results.

    Of those who wish to experiment with this, one of our videos has a URL of

    I just cannot get this video to play in our blog as of the last 2 days. Prior to that, using the “Insert/edit Embedded Media” button, it would play flawlesly, and I could also insert .SWF presentations using the same feature. there is now no was to insert .SWF files into the post. Another big set back!

    As previously mentioned, this change has seriously affected the functionality of our blog. I can now only get WordPress to display the file name as a live link. See this at the bottom of our recent blog entry at

    Thanks again.

    Jeff in Palmetto, FL

    The embed button is no more.
    has info for embeds on hosted video

    Not sure what the best route is for other media….
    Possibly a plugin like

    I tried placing the URL on its own line, as per your first link, and this simply created a link out of the text. Not a playable video.

    The whole point of what we are trying to do is to NOT use hosted video sources such as Youtube, Vimeo and others. These are not viable alternatives. We wish to apply our own encoding (compression) and formatting and not have to deal with Youtube (or others) branding. The old feature played videos as they were encoded and formatted by the producer.

    I am pretty surprised that WordPress would eliminate valuable functionality in latter releases. This is terrible backward step and I cannot possibly imagine what they were thinking by eliminating this valuable feature. I see no benefit to the user at all with this change. REAL DUMB!

    Anyhow, I will try the plugin and see. Otherwide I will have to investigate the possibility of a rollback to an earlier version to regain this useful feature. Crazy.

    Thanks for the help.

    Jeff in Palmetto, FL

    there are a lot of plugins to allow you to use your own vids. Viper’s is just my fave

    rolling back is not an easy thing, as database changes have been made. If you had a backup of your old files and database, you could roll both back.

    Aside from that it would be a poor security practice. Nearly every WP update has security enhancements. Risking all of your sites content is never a good idea. WP needs to be kept at the most up to date version, period. Users have to adapt…. sometimes its a pain, but it is what it is…..

    Ah, just found out some of the buttons were removed due to licensing issues

    Licensing issues? What licensing issues. Doesn’t make sense.

    Almost any web design suite allow insertion of a video file. The ability of the a user’s computer to play this file depends upon having the appropriate player installed on his/her computer.

    I can upload a video file to my web host. Then, when someone clicks on this file, it just plays provded the condition above is met. Players are free i.e quicktime player, flash player, Windows media player, real player etc and do not require license fees.

    Coding should make the web page display the player appropriately. I do not understand where the licensing comes into play. Sounds more like a convenience issue. However if there are licensing issues, perhaps this could be explained.

    Additionally, WordPress could offer a fee based license to add this functionality. I would hapily pay for this. When I was at for my blog, I paid for their Videopress video hosting system, but this turned out to be absolutely horrible (distorted video, poor compression algorythm, Flash only, no user selectable size etc).

    This is why I decided to go with an externally hosted (Godaddy) WordPress blog site. The button in question is the sole reason why I spent the time to set up my blog with this system, and BANG now it is gone.

    I have a hard time with the licensing bit. Some elaboration on this would be welcome.

    Our videos are precisely encoded using the industry’s best on-board encoder, Sorenson Squeeze. When you upload to a service like Youtube, you loose control over encoding and some also scale arbitrarily. Any Flash-only system will not be viewable on Apple Portables. Youtube is viewable on Apple portables with an installed Youtube app becasue Youtube has a parellel backbone consisting of MP4 files. Aside from that, you get that cheesy Youtube branding which is not suitable for pro video work.

    I will investigate soem of the referenced plugins. I hoope they are not just embed tools for videos on external hosting sites like Youtube.

    Thanks for your help and your time.

    Jeff in Palmetto, FL

    I installed the Viper plugin which placed buttons on the Post entry toolbar. However, I cannot figure out how to embed a standard video file not uploaded to one of the services such as youtube. There does not seem to be a button for that.

    We wish to embed mp4 files located on our web host.



    I too am very disappointed that this feature has been removed from the 3.1 release. I, also, prefer to embed my own videos hosted on my server, not youtube’s.

    I have been searching and searching through plug-ins and have not found this type of functionallity in anything I have tried yet.

    Lately, I’ve been playing around with switching to the HTML tab and inserting my own code to embed the videos, but, having issues when switching back to the Visual tab. If I do embed a video with my own code, the nice little yellow box doesn’t show up anymore. There seems to be other functionality to that ‘Embed/Edit media’ button that we miss.

    So, for the time being I’m hanging on to the version 3.0.5 on all my WordPress sites and telling all my users to not click the damn upgrade button until I find a resonable solution.

    I realize this is not what you wanted to hear. If I find a solution I will post it on this thread.

    I would highly recommend creating a test site or serveral to test upgrades before rolling out to any production site. And, as always, be diligent with backups.


    Disapointing this feature has been removed!!

    would like to follow your thread to see what the resolution is.

    I can code it in expression web, upload the file by ftp and works for me but not something I can teach my “do it yourself client”.

    Let me know what you find.

    Moderator kmessinger


    Lately, I’ve been playing around with switching to the HTML tab and inserting my own code to embed the videos, but, having issues when switching back to the Visual tab.

    You can’t switch back to the visual mode. You need to stay in html and save or publish.

    I do put the code in and publish before I switch back to visual mode.

    Sometimes wordpress is a little finiky about switching back and forth…

    I save my html code on my computer – work on the page below where my show will be – then add the show to the top last and publish…

    Moderator kmessinger


    Yes, don’t switch back to visual mode after putting the code in. In fact there is a setting in dashboard to turn visual mode totally off if you want to.

    I save my html code on my computer – work on the page below where my show will be – then add the show to the top last and publish…

    That should work just fine.

    Does anyone have a solution for this yet? I think it’s ridiculous that wordpress doesn’t have an option for embedding self-hosted videos.

    Moderator kmessinger


    From Nacin

    Sorry all,

    The plugin was removed due to licensing issues. It should never have been included in WordPress, and was never used by many. It won’t be coming back to WordPress core.

    You should look at the oEmbeds feature:

    I imagine there are other plugins out there that may be able to leverage this, but the plugin would not be compatible with the WordPress license.


    But use this this code using object for flash which is better than embed.

    Something one of my clients recently showed me – put your video or build your slide show on, a free flicker account. Flicker then gives you the code and you put that in your web page on the html side.

    Let me know if that is a work around that works for you…

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