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  • 1. I get “Warning: This plugin has not been tested with your current version of WordPress” I’m running 5.7.2

    2. The instructions to add your consumer key are out-dated. The link works but none of the following instructions. “click “My Apps” and sign in with your GoToWebinar details and then click the “Add a new App”” This doesn’t exist.

    3. Check box’s on my GTW webform turn into select menus on the plugin register.

    4. No in-line “thank you for registering” functionality.

    Otherwise the form DID work and the registration went through.

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  • Plugin Author Northern Beaches Websites


    Hi @lukdvr,

    Thanks for your review. If you do experience issues with my plugin or any other plugin in the future, it is always best to communicate your concerns via the forum, so that way I can address any concerns and provide you help. You can do this anytime here:

    Let me tackle your points, and maybe you could change your review, since I am giving you a free plugin and giving up my time as an independent developer and I assume you are a nice person?

    1. This is not an issue, not every plugin gets updated with every version of WordPress. WordPress is constantly being updated and released and it’s not a requirement that every plugin needs to push out an update every time WordPress happens to. In fact there are some big plugins that are used by hundreds of thousands of people that are far more outdated than ours. Just because the plugin hasn’t been updated, it doesn’t mean it’s not compatible with the latest version of WordPress 🙂 This includes our plugin.
    2. It’s not a requirement to use your own app. You can just use our app and you just need to click the one button to connect “CLICK HERE TO CONNECT WITH GOTOWEBINAR”. Thank you for informing me the instructions to create an app have changed. Please note, I don’t know this unless people tell me. I unfortunately don’t have time to constantly re-test the instructions for authentication – there are lots of instructions with the plugin and I am just a single person – GoToWebinar doesn’t tell me when they update their interface. In the next version I will update these instructions. Thank you for letting me know.
    3. Unfortunately via the GoToWebinar API it doesn’t specify what the field type is, so I am doing the best with what I have to work with. It shouldn’t actually affect functionality in any way.
    4. Could you explain this further? When someone registers we do have an inline thank you message. Only if a custom thank you page is not nominated in the General Options tab of the plugin settings.

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