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  • these form and the entire widget had really big issues,, for the free form!!!! really pissed off,, after spending over 80 hours and over weeks work building a rental form,, that still does not work correctly ,, and customers can not even submit the application to rent property!!!! really sucks!!

    issue ,, is that the after you spend 30 mins to fill out,, and you missed a required filed,, a blank page comes up and it says you missed a required filed,, go back and fix the field…. then after you click back,, the entire application information i just spent 30 mins filling out is all blank and i have to start all over again!!!

    issue ,, is that the widgets does not work!! the “agree to terms and conditions” does not work,,, after filling out the entire field ,, and clicking on the agreement ,,, and then click on the submit,, the blank page says you missed a field,, it says you missed a required filed,, go back and fix the field…. then after you click back,,and you try to click on the “agree to terms and conditions”,,,, the widget doesn’t work,, and will not understand you have already clicked on the agreement,,,then you have to clear the entire application information and start all over again,,, after i just spent 30 filling it out!!!!!!

    issue ,, is that the every time you miss a field,,, the form clears all the information you just entered!!!!! then you have to spend another 30 mins to re-fill out again! why is all the information being erased ???????????????????????????????????????????

    issue ,, is that the does not work!! i see no way to get it to work!! there is no information to explain on how to pay through paypal when i add the widget in my form… the $$$ flield does not work when i click on “add $0000” to add to the form… after i check the box,, it does not add the amount $$$$$$ why????? why does it not take me to a page to actually pay for the item?????????? why does it not have a way to set up a payment??????? how do i pay fpr the item when it does nothing after i add it and check the box???????????

    issue ,, is that the “date widget” does not work correctly.. you can not see the calendar box to add a date! the calendar bow is non-clickable.. it doesn’t work.. it only works in the preview field but not on the page….. it has an image of a calendar on the page,, but you can not click on it at all!!!!!

    go here and fill it out your self with fake text and see how bad the issues are!!

    i had to delete it,,, because i spent sooooooooooooooooo many hours on it

    can you fix the issues on these forms ?????????????????

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