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  • The last several sites I have tried to build in WordPress in the past weeks have all had something like “Permanent link to this post (X words, estimated X minutes reading time)” permanently affixed to the_excerpt and get_the_excerpt.

    Half an hour of googling turned up dozens of tutorials on how to add this information to your excerpts, but zero information about whether it is now the default for the WordPress core and why that might be so.

    If it is not the default, why do all my clean installs show this, regardless of theme in use? If it is the default, how the flipping heck can I get rid of it? If I want to estimate reading time for my visitors, I will put it in myself. All I want is a clean excerpt function!

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  • I can’t find the word “estimated” anywhere in WordPress 3.7 (except in a comment), and I can’t find the string “reading time” anywhere at all. Did you download WordPress directly from

    does this also happen when you temporarily deactivate all plugins?
    have you tried various browsers?
    can you post a link to a post in a site where this happens?

    Sorry everyone, seems I was having a particularly bizarre conflict with the Core Tweaks plugin. Their documentation specifically said that it no longer includes the estimated reading time behavior, and yet there it was.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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