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  • sumoyoshi


    the landing page looks GREAT. Definitely 5 stars for the landing page.

    however after spending all day setting it up to look how I wanted it, I’ve discovered what is wrong with this theme.

    1. It breaks Yoast SEO completely. Adding any URL in a post will give the Yoast error “you are linking to a site that contains your keyword – change this if you want to rank” however it doesn’t matter what you change the URL to (could change it to for example) and the error will appear

    2. the theme is deleting all my YouTube embeds when you turn off the pathetic Video Resizer FitVid option. It only keeps the youtube embeds when you turn this crappy plugin option back on.

    3. This theme messes up all your posts line breaks. If you have line breaks in your post, it will save them… once. Then it removes them. Changing theme fixes this issue straight away confirming that it is indeed theme related.

    For an example, trying to save a new post results in this garbage being added to it:

    In the first paragraph of all new posts it automatically adds : <article><section id=”section_introduction”> – this BREAKS Yoast SEO function for checking your articles because it will give a big warning saying the key word is not found in the first paragraph…. well the keyword is in the first paragraph but this theme adds a whole heap of unnecessary crap in there before your text. Not to mention that linking to any URL will give you a warning that you are linking to another site with your keyword….. even though you are not.

    then throughout the middle of posts it automatically adds stuff like this:

    </section><section></section><section></section><section><iframe src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe></section><section></section><section></section><section></section><section></section></section><section>text here for the post</section><section></section><section></section><section></section></article><section></section>alt tags here

    <div class=”card_pageCard”></div>

    and the entire text editor is now word-wrapped for some reason forcing all of the text together as tight as possible making it incredibly hard to use. Changing themes fixes this right away.

    for these reasons it is probably a good idea to give this theme a miss until they sort out all the bugs. As of now it’s basically useless for live sites.

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